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Hey guys is there anyway I could get this image made into a sig with a nice clean font over it that says DrizStatus?


as well if your using photoshop cc is there anyway if you had any or could find some add in a overlay color correction like a red or something? if you can find a Color Correction like that could you make the text black and if not just make the text red


P.s try to get rid of the black bars on either side

Edited by DrizStatus
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Could you change the font when I said clean Im sorry I know I should have been more specific but I mean like a nice classical italian mafia style font and on it like in the center not in just one small corner kinda like mine now where its in the center and big but not so big it takes up the full screen. I am very sorry for my lack of creativity in my words XD

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Thanks! This is much more what I thought of!

Hey sorry to double post but um The Pic is to large to use so it has to be smaller and can you do one last attempt at a mafia font like cursive? Im sorry Im bad with words so Im just trying to explain it best but thats probably the best way to put it like cursive italian font or something?

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