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Why would Lifeinvader, Lenny Avery, and PRB be down?


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((PRB = Princess Robot Bubblegum))


Lifeinvader can just show random pages (like our real-life Lifeinvader), but instead it's completely down. Lenny Avery I think showed houses for a Strangers and Freaks mission in SP, but why disable the site entirely? We also still cannot watch the episode of Princess Robot Bubblegum on the web.


Bawsaq is also down as well as LCN but that's because, well, Rockstar is incompetent.


I'm also unsure if Psychic Shoutout worked in SP but it doesn't in MP...


Do you think these things are going to be working at a later time? Or is they just defunct websites.


I'm really hoping we get a Facebook-esque Social Network a la Lifeinvader. Post updates, get updates liked, comments, upload snapmatic pics. Stalk people. The works. Lenny Avery could be for actual houses in the future. PRB could release at a later time. Plus we're all waiting for the Bawsaq/LCN to open up.



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I think it's probably safe to assume that Rockstar has left the doors to these options, and many others, wide open for themselves. I'm sure that there are limitation on what can be done and what they are willing to expand their servers/resources to handle, but implementing a social network aspect to the game and perhaps a stock market are grand, but within reason.

Personally, I don't agree that Rockstar are "incompetent," as much as I see them as being a hydra with too many heads all trying to think for one body.

But that's my take. Cheers! ;)

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