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GTA IV Has stopped working on launch


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Hello, I just installed Windows 7 Pro 32 bit from a 64 bit version,I installed all drivers, GTA IV and patched it to and installed GFWL and now when i click the shortcut it shows disc symbol then it say GTA IV has stopped working, its saying Critical runtime error in the details. Any help and my specs are below, I was also able to play on my 64bit version but obviously it eats more RAM so i switched to 32bit for better performance on my PC...



Intel core i3 2330M 4 cpu's ~ 2.2ghz, 2.2ghz

4GB Ram


Intel HD Graphics 3000 ~ 1.7GB VRAM

Windows 7 Professional x86


and dont say its my card cause i have played this game before with over 50+ fps on low settings


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