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Grand Theft Auto Online : Complete Stats Guide


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Hello GTA Forums!


I couldn't find anything on the forums about this, plus there are still new players every week at the moment so let's get started!


Stamina - To increase Stamina you can Run, Swim, and Bike.


Shooting - To increase Shooting you can play a lot of survival, use the shooting range solo or with other players and go for headshots and hits.


Strength - To increase strength you can pick fights with civilians and use your fists or melee weapons and if you have a friend have them pick a personal vehicle and repeatedly kick it.


Stealth - To increase Stealth click both thumbsticks at the same time then take a rubber band and wrap it around both thumb sticks.


Flying - To increase Flying get a plane and fly under bridges, knife flight, and do barrel rolls.


Driving - To increase Driving you can Host a job, select "Criminal Records" and select 60 laps.


Lung Capacity - To increase Lung Capacity dive underwater until you start to lose health or when the white bar on your HUD runs out.


I really hope this helps any new players and anyone who wants to become a boss.

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