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RROD *8 month repair for free*


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An xbox 360 phat that was given to me christmas 2012 ended up getting RROD (red ring of death to nubiles) ...


I ended up repairing it using the thermal paste of my old tower which still had my old mobo residing in it.


Removed 'x-clamps' from assembly and used washers and screws to manipulate more pressure over the chip to press it back into its mobo.


I taped up the white plastic duct around the gaps (for a more productive exhaust)


Added my own 12 volt fan (with red led's) to the top of the heatsink, which required the removal of a square of plastic above the cpu's heatsink (easy with a hotknife)


Finally when she is switched on she still RROD'd...BUT.....One last step...After assembly (this included the tightening of screws on the heatsink to the required pressure) I blocked the rear fans with a skewer (WOOD) in order to overheat the xbox until it flashes 2 RED RINGS instead of 3 to indicate its overheated.


Once it did this it needed switching off straight away and left to return to a normal temperature before any operation. The process described is a one off WORK/NOT WORK situation and it melts the solder around the CPU (in essence a free re-ball) and the pressure applied using the heatsink screws PUSH the CPU back into the mobo (that was my plan).


I turned the fan on to get some pre start up cooling (has its own supply) then ..moment of truth...

I fired her up and because I was expecting bad things I was amazed when it just started up normally and it came up on my screen. Moment of achievment that lasted 8 months roughly.


RIP xbox 360 phatty. you will be missed.


So is 8 months good for a rrod 360 that got repaired for free? I think Its brilliant stuff.


Got a 360slim 250GB now and its a breeze, so much easier to maintain and more reliable imo.

Any thoughts or stories of your home repairs PS3 Or 360 ? :)

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Geralt of Rivia

I'd say 8 months is great for a free repair job.

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