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1.11 FULL VALUE FLAWLESS Unlimited Money Glitch


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I forgot to mention one thing. YOU MUST BE IN AN INVITE ONLY SESSION.

Also, you must start the session from story mode. Starting it from the creator doesn't work.

Also, if the glitch works a few times and then mors stops answering, go back to story mode and start a new invite only.

The method:

Ram the crusader in the center of the garage

Drive out car from garage

Call insurance

Request rebel and floor it into LSC and sell it when the rebel arrives while you are in garage


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BaM BooZeLLed

it's all over the pinned glitch thread.

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Like almost every person who posts "guides" you forget to do it TWICE, to show people the most important part of the glitch.


When your Rebel appears outside after you have sold your car, FORGET IT.... don't even acknowledge it. Buy another Rebel immediately and replace the one outside.
If you don't then you get the whole nonsense with selling subsequent cars for less money.

It needs to be FRESH NEW Rebel every time.

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