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Black Gavel MC


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Are you looking for a MC that loves to kick ass and have fun? Well Black Gavel MC may be for you. We are a serious club with serious rules. We take care of our own, and there is a time and place for everything. We do not aim to be the biggest mc but we do aim to be the closest an most tight-nit club. Our club is new and rapidly expanding. We have just recently opened a La Mesa charter which is for street bikes and crotch rockets. All of our other charters are for Cruiser/chopper bikes. The mother chapter is based in Sandy Shores, the mother chapter's twin club is located in grapeseed, and we also hve a nomad charter. All charters have church on a set day and around the same time. All new recruits must go through a prospecting phase which lasts about a week officially, so you must prospect before being full patch. Due to limited space i cant explain everything but if this interests you

then check out our website @ http://kciyow.wix.com/black-gavel-mc

Or message me on xbox live at H1CK R0SS

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