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Your Favorite Assasination Missions


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I want to know your top 5 favorite assassination mission in the GTA series and why(optional)? feel free to respond if you want.


1) Friend Request - Most genius Assassination ever.


2) The Construction Assassination - Probably the most epic one and it also has nice scape sequence as well


3) The Multi Target and Autocide - Both of these missions are the same thing, Both are just great


4) Vice Assassination - There is just a lot of ways I can killed the target. For example I go and placed a sticky bomb in the target destination first before I go to find the Prostitute, I go to spy on them and then later follow them. The I snipe the Prostitute first and Boom, blow up the car with the target and make my escape. This mission is great because it has a lot of methods to do it. Plus the soundtrack was amazing.


5) Flatline - Perhaps because it brought something nice to the table.

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The one from four where you have to assassinate the guy while he's looking out the window


The hit on that one Italian guy who was going out with that guy's ( the guy from the lost) girlfriend

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