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Quadro 4000 good for gaming?


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So a bought a computer off my friends brother. It has a Quadro 4000 graphics card with a 1TB hard drive & with allso 24G of RAM.. So I was wondering, if it's a good computer to play games on? Most of my friends that study I.T said that the Quadro 4000 is mostly used for like editing.. But I didn't get the chance to ask them if it's good for gaming.. I'm not thinking of playing Battlefield 4 on this, but I am thinking of playing South Park: Stick of Truth on it, and probably Skyrim. But I gotta first know if it can handle them.

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Quadro 4000 is based on nVidia Fermi architecture (GeForce 400 series). Its CUDA core count is between GTS450 and GTX460SE, but it's heavily underclocked compared to these two.

So, theoretically it'd be slower than GTS450 in games. The thing is, Quadro's performance in games might be limited by drivers, which also enhance its potential in graphics rendering, etc.


Overall - if you think about playing games then it's a much better idea to sell this card and get something, which was designed for games in the first place. Although I assume you didn't buy a graphics workstation for gaming, because there's no point in that.


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