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Do you think gta online characters will transfer


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like most other games, yeah


but in rockstars favour i bet they'd separate old from new in attempt for us to buy cash cards to get back up to where we were

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Nope. Your eyeballs will fall out as soon as you see them in next gen as they look too alien-ish :*(

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No because GTA V won't be on next gen.

... or PC. :lol:

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I hope so. But if not, I'd be willing to do it all over again GTA5 is still my favorite game so far on either generation.

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Even it goes next gen the answer should be no. Player date is to screwed with all the glitches and exploits that have gone around. With huge numbers of players having millions in assets they wouldnt have if it wasnt for vehicle duping, money glitches rp glitches gettingn super high ranks and what not.


It'd be a pretty bad move to transfer character data over when its so badly screwed

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Well we have to get an announcement from r* that it will actually exist

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