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Do towtrucks still crash everyones game?


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My PS3 has never crashed yet, but now after 2 sessions of GTAO, it crashed twice (in between 2 hours)
I have no clue what could've caused it except the tow trucks which people have complained about.

Anyone else got their PS3 froze up in this week?

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Mine just froze up an hour ago, first time it happened in months, also get a bit of stutter in some FM lobbies

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yeah i said in another topic mine has froze twice in 16 player lobbies in between joining missions on ps3 do not know the cause.

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Legit Complainer

i dont think it's tow trucks. i just think that the game is acting up. i noticed that after update 1.10, my game would boot me out of online at least once per day by saying "timed out loading session". this problem is fixed now with 1.11 but NOW at least once a day my game seems to randomly freeze in either online or single player.

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There is something oh-so-very wrong at R* is they can't figure out how not to have tow trucks crash the game.


I can't wait for our broken heists!! :D


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Yeah i've been having problems myself and i know for a fact it wasn't caused by tow trucks since i was in private sessions.


The servers are always buggy for a week or so after the update comes out and soon as everything goes back to normal the next update comes out it's a vicious never ending cycle!


I guess you could say this is kind of like R* "Time of the month*

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