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Blank number plate


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Just swapped to Trevor in story and he has a guy tied to a beam under the pier, I tried killing him but I can't lock on or kick him etc... But then I noticed a black Vapid Speedo, I got into it and then noticed the number plates are blank, just white, with San Andreas in small red letters at the top (every plate has this). Is it possible to do this atall ? If it isn't, I wouldn't mind bringing this van online.

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Yes it's blank. I got a black Seminole with blank plate once, probably a bug

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Oh ok, yeah it's different that's all, with it being on a black van that was probably owned by the guy tied up, I thought it may be unqiue to that... stunt if you like, and that it'd be my only chance to get it. But if it's a big, it probably won't stick, but I've saved it at Trevor's strip club, so I'll check next time I re-load the game.

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