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How do I stay off the map in DM?


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Everyone knows where I am, but I cant see there blips.


If I jump while in stealth do I show up?



I normally dont GTA dm lets face it....autoaim but so bored lately

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Pro tip.

Look at your radar for starters. If your icon is:

Blue: No one sees you. you are stealth.

Purple: One or more people see you.

Red: All enemies see you.


Second, use the stealth walk. I always catch people running around a dm, imediatly exposing themselves.

Third, For god sakes people use a freaking silencer! I'm always with people in a dm that use guns without, and it immediatly exposes you to everyone, as opposed to me one shotting someone in the back of the head right behind them, and no one knows the wiser.


But of course, if your enemy has a really good headset (or sound system) and knows how to use their ears, They know exactly where you are at and what you are doing without any visual cues. At least. that's how I play. Headset on max volume, chat at 25%.

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