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Need active players who can commit to 1 crew


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If brotherhood, loyalty, and destruction are appealing to u, send a request to join


We are a mature crew with a focus on domination and the goal is always to be the last ones standing in the lobby. This is the type of crew where members should either have a tank, or be working towards getting one. That being said, calling in tanks is our last resort, typically after the other guys have already started calling in theirs.

We have no gimmicks to sell. We stick together and thats it...we rank up doing missions and w/e else but loyalty and backing up your brothers takes precedence over all else.

We also mess around alot in freemode in between missions and battles but can get serious at the drop of a dime if someone messes with a crew member.

The only rules r no killing crew members and keep the OWNU tag active at all times. And im sure plenty would consider us trolls. We're more troll killers than anything, but thats a fine line. Still, if you can't be aggressive you might not feel at home here.

keep in mind we only recently started up. recruiting is a lil loose right now but very soon we're gonna get alot more selective, so youre encouraged to jump at this opportunity now if your stats r subpar.

If you're low rank we'll give u any help u need to get your rank up and watch your back. Just keep in mind u get out of the crew what u put in.

Hope to hear from some of you but keep in mind everything isn't for everybody and requesting to join doesn't guarantee an invite. Thats why with only 51 members we can stand up to crews with way more members.

We have members from many different countries but please be able to speak/communicate in english

check us out at:

u can also message me directly on the social club at killacam201 or on psn at camoflage201...u can expect a fast response within a couple hours at most. Im a leader who makes myself available to my crew and its affairs

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Dude, how many topics are you going to make? Please stick to one topic only. Any further topics for the same thing will result in warnings.

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