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When is a car SAMP compatible

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Title is question. When is a car compatible with SAMP? When no data lines is changed?

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Tado Hamann
Hello, if you mean under "compability" this same thing like me, so the answer is, that every vehicle modification si compatible with SAMP if you replace the vehicle with compatible original car. (example: If you replace sedan (4-door) car with coupe (2-door) car it causes some bugs and crashes because game will not find required files or dummies when they are needed, like ped_backseat)

The data configurations of vehicle modifications works only in singleplayer, you right. But they aren't neccessary to run the game, they just change some preferences of your car modification to make your vehicle look and drive better and prevent from bugs and crashes of your game.

Edited by Tado Hamann

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For me vehicle is compatible with SA-MP if it has tuning part dummies, meaning you can customize it in Transfender/Wheel Arch Angels without crashing your game

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I call my mods SA:MP compatible when they have the original game features and don't require any lines. Now, you can actually make every mod work without custom lines, but some vehicle mods then have their tires sunk into the ground, for example, which looks like sh*t.

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I downloaded a Annihilator which was meant to be for Hunters instead of Police Mavericks. The vehicle had only 2 seats, and all the passengers somehow magically managed to all fit into the Copilot's seat. It didn't work in Singleplayer and resulted in crashes in DYOM, but the important thing is that it actually worked in SA:MP.

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