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Dep. Comm. Jason

[GTAIV: LCPDFR] Police Role-Play Clan - LCPF (Liberty City Police Forc

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Dep. Comm. Jason

This is a Professional LCPD:FR Role playing clan, and we are dedicated to bring the most fun and realism to your GTA IV role-playing and gaming experience. Here at LCPF you will be introduced to the best rank structure possible, and we guarantee that you will be up-most satisfied. Our goal is to create a professional team that has the time, effort, and loyalty devoted to this community so we can fully expand our opportunities. Everyone here will be treated with the same amount of respect, so you don't have to worry about someone getting treated better than you.

If Interested in Applying to Become a Certified LCPF Officer then follow Check List Below:

Check List:

1. Go To Following Website and Sign Up!


2. Once you Have Signed Up; read the 'New Member Orientation' and take the knowledge test!

3. Once that is completed; head over to This Website to fill out an Application (Sign-Up Optional)!


4. Once That is completed, head over to the TeamSpeak 3 Server that is in drop-down menu on last question of the application to Complete your recruitment process!

Edited by Dep. Comm. Jason

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i have submitted my application my Live Id is GtaGamer222

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