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GTA SA crashing randomly

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My GTA SA is crashing randomly. It started a week ago, before it the game worked just fine. I got GTA SA bought from Steam so i have digital version of it (no cd) and Im using version 1.01 with CLEO 3 and two mods in it. I also got few vehicle mods (only textures not sounds) but I got all them before the crashing started. I`ve tryed to run GTA SA on compatiblity mode for Win XP, I got Win 8.

Crash comes randomly, however it happens EVERY time about 3-10 minutes after I`ve launched the game.

My rig:

AMD Radeon HD 7870GhZ edition

AMD FX 6300


Windows 8.1 OS


Really hope someone can help me fix this problem..

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lil weasel

Sometimes CLEO is unstable.

We don't do Modding fixes on this part of the forums.

The answer is to get rid of mods.

OR take the problem to the Modding Forums for help.


Forum Posting and guide

Edited by lil weasel

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Well as I said this started much much after the mods. I had those mods on my GTA like a month before this started, so I dont belive that those mods cause this.


Sorry, my english is bad, Im finnish.

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The effects of certain mods are not always seen immediately. The only way to ascertain whether or not the mods are causing the crash is to reinstall the game, remove all leftover files and delete the gta_sa.set file from the User Files folder.

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Well I removed few vehicle mods that I think their causing this crash. I remembered that I installed few new vehicles for it just when the crashing started. And those vehicle mods had some installation problems so Im going to test it tonight and see does it crash. I`ll post my result here when I have some time.


Well... It didnt work. I even tryed to remove gta_sa.set file from my user files, no result. Seems like the crashing happens every time when theres happening something in the game, for example:

1. One time crash happened when one car was just exploding, it was burning and then crash just under second before that car could be exploded.

2. Other time crash happened when I jumped of from car roof. Just before cj`s legs hitted ground.

3. Third time crash happened when I was just hitting another car with my own.


Do you still think that this would cause from those mods? Any mods were not used during these crashes except on third time I was in car what I was added to game.

Edited by maastolaku

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dude did u use the new cleo or the old cleo because the new cleo will make ur game crash just like mine or u got a GTA_IV.asi in GTA SA Directory

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