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Submission in cleo ?


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I would like to know where I could find in missions cleo, I convert the burglary missions, freight mission in cleo .but taxi mission and pimp missions it bug.

Edited by chris13500
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I removed all global variables is always the same, its bug.
Yet burglary missions, freight train and several missions that I did, enormously contains global variable and very works well.
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There're still some globals, actually i don't think that they caused the problem but don't forget to change or delete them.
Your script crashed, it wasn't buggy, it crashed because you tried to run status_text codes with locals
04F7: and 03C4: requires globals

//03C4: set_status_text [email protected] type 0 GXT 'TX_TOTL' // global_variable//04F7: status_text [email protected] type 1 line 3 GXT 'TX_ADDS' // global_variable

yes, i know, first i said, use locals, now it need globals, that's a problem with these status_text codes in cleo
You can either run the code with globals and risk that your mod cause bugs or you find another solution
I found another solution for the vigilante cleo, decompile Vigilante-special.cm, scroll down to the end and look for the text_draw codes and the calculations
Another problem, depending to sannybuilder version and the option "Add extra info"
I commented out everthing related to timer codes and status display codes and got it working when compiled with sanny 3.0.4
the taxi mission was playable, of course without timer and status text

but when i compiled it with sanny 3.1.4 it crashed immediately at missionstart
read here about that problem

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Thank you very much ZAZ , I just turn off the option "Add extra info" in the Sanny's options and the script is playable.

I'll edit all global variable in local variable and change status_text code to avoid the bug, as you said to me.

thank you

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