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Flexibility In Vehicle Handling Replication



Lets get right to the point, is it possible to make a vehicle handle just like a real car/truck/bike?, and the one thing i am most interested in is, replicating another games vehicle statistics, if that is correct to say, and im going to be specific about this, are we able to replicate vehicle racing behaviour(non-drift) from "need for speed undercover, and for drift, "need for speed carbon"????, if so, do it now! xD, QQ Please..., i ask this because, i notice that vehicles don't have much control, let me explain, when i force a car into a 90 degree slide, the back tires slow down and stop, as if i am holding the hand brake button, but im not, im still on the accelerator, its like the game cuts out the ability to use the accelerator when both front and back tires are sliding side ways, most drift handling lines are not good, lets be honest, with out time spent training yourself with that handling, the vehicle would be chaotic, highly unrealistic and not fun, on a side note, to hell with realistic handling, i want fun handling, i don't care if letting of the gas and busting a 90 degree turn at 150 MPH without hitting the wall or spinning out, is unrealistic, i want fun!, so what if its unrealistic to be able to drift around a 2 lane quarter circle at 120 MPH, sideways, with the wheels still spinning at a high RPM, with enough grip to push the car towards its front end, its enjoyable, now i do not have enough understanding of handling editing, i have read the guides, seen the videos and still don't know enough, for those who are just going to say, figure it out yourself and leaves, god i hate those people, "I GOT SOMETHING TO SAAAAY"(Gone...), im not asking for someone to do it for me, if i am able to replicate need for speed vehicle behaviour, i will! learn how to, because i want it, i came pretty close with "gta sa", that handling line was a BEAST!, anyways if anyone have information regarding this possablity please don't hesitate to post, i and im sure many, will thank you for it.

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