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Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club

Opie Grim Reapers MC

Recommended Posts

Opie Grim Reapers MC










We are a close knit small Motorcycle Club that differs from most clubs. Grim Reapers MC was founded by 3 friends who enjoyed riding together on GTA IV and wanted to become an official crew when GTA Online came about. This MC is about riding, having fun and the brotherhood. We put our brothers before everything and only a select few get the honor of wearing our full patch. We aren't the go f*ck everybody up crew. We mind our own business unless provoked. We are a 1% free aim only crew

"We Ride Together We Die Together"



Paleto Bay (Mother Chapter)



Church (or Chapel) is the bi-weekly meeting where the club gets together to discuss issues concerning the Club and vote in Prospects or Vote on anything that needs to be voted on.


The time for church can vary given work schedules and real world commitments however it is typically held on Friday nights at 8 PM Eastern Time.


Updates for church schedules are provided through our group chat on Facebook Messenger.



All Patched Members Must Attend Church or inform the President or Vice President that they will not be there and provide proxies.





All prospective members of the club should read and familiarize themselves with the in-depth By-laws posted to our website.



1. Grim Reapers MC must remain your active at all times

2. Killing other members is prohibited

3. Microphone is required.

4. We play by 1% rules unless non-1% weapons are used against us.







Officers are elected to office by the club, these positions are not intended reflect rank or standing in the crew but to delegate power to people who are capable of executing the duties of the office successfully.


Officers meet weekly with the President and must be highly active with their ability to be online and communicate.







President: TITAN9098 “Titan”

Vice President: Opie1220 “Opie”

Sgt. at Arms: D-mason “Danial”


Secretary: Faithkiller-1998 “Faith”

Road Captain: XLGT5000 “X”


Enforcer: Sickboy1198 “Sickboy”





To join you must own and ride an American Harley-Davidson style motorcycle

In the game those are motorcycles made by Western Motorcycle Co. or Liberty City Choppers.







After getting in contact with GRMC you will meet with us and ride with us a little to get a feel for each other. Once we’ve determined that you’re worth us investing time into we will invite you become a GRMC Prospect.


Not all Hangarounds will make it into the Prospect crew. 

Rules Of Prospecting
1) Wear the prospect crew emblem at all times.
2) Not allowed crew emblem tattoos until they are patch holders.
3) Prospect does the bidding of any patch holder.




Grim Reapers MC Paleto Bay Original Page



Prospects Page



Hangarounds Page






Edited by Opie Grim Reapers MC
Renewing Old information
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Opie Grim Reapers MC

The link won't load onto the post so for now any potential members will have to add me through PSN until I figure out why it wont load

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

New Update

Grim Reapers MC and Los Santos Warlordz are at war after LSW voted to attack the treasurer of GRMC and destroy his motorcycle.

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Love babes? Must not love them much sir seeing as your playing as a man, staring at his backside while you play. If you look at my reply to your troll post on MY recruitment page you, and all your members will see how you quite thoroughly got served. They will also see you as a masochistic pig who tries to pick on men who play as women in GTA and fails miserably. And as my Character kills quite proffessionally I'd say she has more balls then you. Good day sir.

Edited by Azrever
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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Hey don't go dissing on me because I'm statin facts and I do go for babes not a dude pretending to be a babe because he has a wandering eye to animated characters

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Hey don't go dissing on me because I'm statin facts and I do go for babes not a dude pretending to be a babe because he has a wandering eye to animated characters

First off, I did not ask anyones oppinion (Which is not a Fact) on my character on my Thread, which makes you a troll (A rather poor one to say the least) and shows us that you obviosly are intimidated by a man choosing to play as a woman (Much easier on the eye). My Thread was made to recruit Crew, not discuss oppinions on character gender, which is Point 1 on you being a troll. Point 2 is the fact that not only are your Trolls unoriginal and Lame, Your replies are sadder still. So do me the honor by staying off my thread and minding your own buisiness. (I will gladly do the same) I would be more enclined to Beef with you, but alas, you are on PSN. Be that as it may, Id still rather not have to waste my time replying to your lame stabs at Trolling. I said GOOD DAY!

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Well I'm not trying to troll you and I have been off your thread since I left 1 reply on there but I'm fine with ending this discussion so I don't have to waste time reading about a pointless argument because I made a joke and can focus on recruiting for my Club

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Sounds good Black & White I'll add in little while

Demetri your welcome to prospect as long as you have a bagger, daemon or hexer

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I don't have a headset though, but I'm pretty smart lol I can take orders and I know how to conduct myself properly. So if that's ok with u guys I'd be more than happy to join

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

I don't have a headset either and I'm the President and a founding member so that isn't a problem as long as you have an American bike on GTA your welcome to prospect add me on PSN: Opie1220 just include in the message its for the MC

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AWMC Savante420

Thanks brother your Club PS3 or Xbox because if your PS3 I'm gonna talk to my club and yours about being allies

You're welcome man, as you already know my club is on Xbox, and if your MC happens to set up a charter on Xbox we'll be glad to be allies with GRMC.

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

After a recent vote JJsmooth is no longer the Vice President and PartytoTheMax10 is, there are now 2 open officer positions (Treasurer and Road Captain) and we are accepting prospects at all times

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

We are still recruiting prospects and have had 2 Officers positions open up now would be a good time to join if your looking to join a 1% MC

Edited by Opie Grim Reapers MC
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I did not know we were allies? Your club voted to patch over to our club and than went back on your decision. Not a very respectful move to include another club in your recruiting efforts without their blessing. I would suggest you ask us before doing anything with our club name.

Edited by grungeeddy
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I'm going to have to agree with Grunge on this one Opie. Alliances are something The Damned M.C. doesn't do. We can still ride together on friendly terms though.

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Being a member of IRMC, i agree with grunge, i wouldve heard something about an alliance with your MC from my president and i heard nothing. our only allies up to date as far as i can see is The 13 Kingz MC, not Grim Reapers.

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Welcoming new Patch Holders Demetri and Tony_J to the Grim Reapers congratulations on being voted in.

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