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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Create your own vehicle for GTA

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

Sh*tzu Typhoon
Manufacturer: Sh*tzu
Class: Motorcycle

Year: 1971-1973, Re-release in 1991, 1995, 2001, 2007, 2011 and 2016

Based on: Kamen Rider's Cyclone (Suzuki T20)
Maximum Speed: 248 mph
Engine: Nuclear Engine, 200 horsepower.
Description: "If you want to ride this bike like Grasshopper Man did and this is for you, this is the greatest & fastest bike we ever manufactured. The engine was made in Nuclear Engine and 200 horsepower. This bike was created by Kazami Kadowaki for Grasshopper Man TV series and it was successful for the show in Japan"

Price: ¥25,000,000 ( $10,00,000)

Edited by Ohhh123r

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Okay, so my vision of a car to be added to GTA Online, comes in the form of not a car from real life, but it's more of an amalgamation between 5 existing vehicles already in GTA, plus a few additional customizations.


Basic idea is the Duke O'Death, but with the abilities of the Deluxo and the Stromberg, the armour of the MOC Cab, and the weaponry of the Weaponised Tampa.


It looks like your standard Duke O'Death, but with the Sacrilege Exhaust VII, from the Vapid GT Classic. It also has the twin minigun turret from the Weaponised Tampa on top of the roof, and a few spikes, to give it the Mad Max look.


It has the best perks of each car, which shall be listed here:


Duke O'Death - it looks cool and has bullbars on the front.

Deluxo - flight and hover mode.

Stromberg - submarine mode and torpedoes.

Weaponised Tampa - rockets, mortars, proximity mines and dual minigun turret.

MOC Cab - Can withstand 34 homing rockets and can plow through any vehicle in it's way.


Of course, since this IS GTA Online we're talking about, because of the OP stats for this car, it's gonna be very expensive.


"Ever been stuck in the terminal at the airport before? Ever took a drive through downtown Low Santos, only to get blown away by some douche in a tank? Ever been chased by the cops, only to find yourself sinking to the bottom of the ocean? Well, say goodbye to those memories, because the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived in the form of the Imponte Madaggedon, and once you get behind the wheel, you'll see why it's claimed it's namesake."


Buy from Warstock Cache and Carry from $6,500,000 today!

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@Killer Potato


I like your ideas :D you got a cool taste in cars. I'd name the Oceanic something else though - how about Eddy? Since it was a car based on an Edsel in GTA2.

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v platform
Posted (edited)


Manufacturer: Vapid
Class: Muscle

Based on: Ford Falcon/Fairmont XA Coupe with taillights and rear bumper taken from 1970 Ford Torino
Performance: Nearly same as Blade, albeit heavier and with worse cornering and acceleration
Description: "In your head you are cruising through the wasteland with this thing, killing savages and helping unfortunate, but in reality you are probably dying from thirst and hunger in middle of the desert because this thing only gets glorious 12 MPG. It gets you to the hell, but not back. But why wait for apocalypse when you can get one now? Fancy fiberglass bodykits are not included."1024px-1972_Ford_Fairmont_Hardtop_%28XA%

Edited by v platform

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@Killer Potato


I like your ideas :D you got a cool taste in cars. I'd name the Oceanic something else though - how about Eddy? Since it was a car based on an Edsel in GTA2.


Thanks. And yes thats a better name. Im not very good with names.

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Brand: Vapid

Design: Ford Super Deluxe Woodie Station Wagon

Performance: Similar to Fagaloa

Class: Sedans

Price: 350.000$

An iconic 40s american station wagon. Could have a lot of cool costumisations, its similar to the Fagaloa, but the Fagaloa isnt a real american woodie station wagon.





Brand: Lampadati

Design: Alpine A310

Performance: Fast

Class: Sports Classics

Price: 700.000$

A very cool european sports car that would fit very well in the game.





Brand: Cheval

Design: Vauxhall Firenza

Performance:Similar to Blade

Class: Muscle

Price: 500.000$

A cool british car that would be cool to have in the game.





Brand: Imponte

Design: Pontiac Grand Prix SSJ Hurst

Performance: Similar to Phoenix or Nightshade or Dukes

Class: Muscle

Price: 500.000$

Just another awesome 70s muscle car.


We need more classic american cars in the game.

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Posted (edited)






Brand: Benefactor

Design: Mercedes-Benz 350 SLC

Performance: Fastar than the Glendale

Class: Sports Classics

Price: 700.000$

One of the most famous Mercedes Benz car in the 70s and 80s USA, should be in San Andreas.





Brand: Willard

Design: 1974–1976 Buick Riviera

Performance: Same as Virgo

Class: Muscle

Price 400.000$

The return of a classic to GTA 5.




Brand: Declasse

Design: 1964 Chevrolet Impala 4 door

Performance: Similar to Chino

Class: Sedans or Muscle

Price: 500.000$

One of the best lowriders from GTA San Andreas, that should be in GTA V





Brand: Vapid

Design: 1972 Ford Thunderbird

Performance: Similar to Dukes

Price: 500.000$

A car coming back from GTA 2 with a new design. I choose the 1972 Thunderbird because the Hachura in GTA 2 (Idaho beta name) was based in both Buick Riviera and Ford Thunderbird accoring to the Idaho GTA Wiki page.





Brand: Declasse

Design: 1973 Chevrolet Impala

Performance: Similar to Virgo

Class: Muscle

Price: 400.000$

Another car from GTA 3, Known in the game as Yardie Lobo, because of it being used by the Yardies.





Brand: Schyster

Design: Plymouth Superbird

Performance: One of the fastest muscle cars

Class: Muscles

Price: 800.000$

A very iconic race car, and also very beautiful.





Brand: Bravado

Design: HD Polaris V8 from GTA VCS

Performance: Same as the Buffalo

Class: Muscle

Price: 500.000$

Another car that is already perfect (like the Remington), and to look even better Rockstar should make an HD version and add it into GTA V.

Edited by Killer_Potato

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Manufacturer: Vapid.

Description: "The Speedo have become another victim of the new Vapid policy, so a natural thing was to put this European piece of van called Luton onto the North American market. At least it doesn't have one of those below-3.0-litre engines."

Design (exterior): Based on the 4th generation of Ford Transit (250 version) with headlights and side mirrors based on the facelifted version of the 4th generation of Fiat Ducato while the rearlights take inspiration from the Peugeot Rifter. The grille looks similar to the one found on the GTA Online version of the Contender, but without rivets around it and with the Vapid logo in the middle. The grille can also feature the "LM250" (parody of T-250) badge in the lower left corner of the grille as an "extra" part. Unlike its real-life counterpart, the Luton's hood has one thin yet long vent rather than two shorter and wider ones.

Design (interior): Features a completely new interior design based on the 2nd generation of Volkswagen Crafter.

Performance: Top speed is in par with the Caracara. However, due to the Luton's mass, its acceleration is low while handling is pretty good as for the car's size.

Price: $27,500.

Class: Vans.

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I think for another vehicle idea, if Rockstar were to do another DLC like the Doomsday Heist, or Gunnrunning, it should be Marvin Heemeyer's Killdozer.




It would work similarly to the APC, being able to survive multiple explosions, and two extra people can use built-in guns in the back.


It would also be completely bulletproof, and the speed would need to be ramped up, to about the same speed as the Khanjali.


There'd have to be a way for the doors to open with the armour on, but I haven't figured it out yet.


HVY Killdozer


"Your parents weren't lying when they said you'd grow up and do big things. But we bet they didn't expect you to hijack a bulldozer and turn it into a living death machine on tank treads, before wrecking a city block with it. Even better, being along some of your friends ride! Buy the HVY Killdozer on Warstock Cache and Carry for $3,960,000 today!"

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How the hell do i post images now? 

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Karin Fuji aka AE86 Trueno 







Karin Fuji a brother to the Karin Futo the drift kings Automobile imported from Japan and its RWD steering is on the right


with 125HP  

this vehicle can be modified at benny's  


Anis B18

Another Vehicle imported from Japan To Los santos Tunnable at benny's 





10 hours ago, Killer_Potato said:

How the hell do i post images now? 

Just copy and past link 

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4 hours ago, Tuckyonald said:


Just copy and past link 


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Brand: Enus

Design: Delahaye 175 S Saoutchik Roadster

Performance: Similar to Z Type

Class: Sports Classic

Price: 2.000.000$

This beautuful machine is a piece of art, and should be in GTA.





Brand: Truffade

Design: 1965 Bugatti Type 101C

Performance: Faster than the Z Type

Class: Sports Classic

Price: 1.000.000$

Truffade has only 3 models of cars in the game, so why not put this beautiful machine in the game?





Brand: Schyster

Design: 1969 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron

Performance: Faster than the Emperor

Class: Sedans

Price: 600.000$

Just a cool looking luxury sedan from the 60s.





Brand: Albany

Design: 1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II

Performance: Similar to Tornado

Class: Sports Classic

Price: 600.000$

This car could have some cool custumizations at Bennys. 





Brand: Albany

Design: 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood 75

Performance: Same as the Emperor

Class: Sedans

Price: 700.000$

Just a very big 70s luxury car for mafia bosses.





Brand: Benefactor

Design: 1973 Mercedes Benz 280 CE 

Performance: Same as Glendale

Class: Sports Classic

Price: 700.000$

One of my favorite Mercedes Benz cars.


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The Schafter Classic also appeared in Max Payne :D


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Four new vehicles I think should be added into GTA Online, are the Imponte Dukes Custom, the Valid Dominator Retro made, the Imponte Dukes Damnation and the Imponte Frostrunner. The first two are Benny's vehicles, the third is just an off-road vehicle, and the last is a Warstock vehicle.


Imponte Dukes Custom




Manufacturer: Imponte

Design: 1968 Dodge Charger

Class: Muscle

Performance: Improved from the Imponte Dukes, less wheelspin, less spinning out, same speed as Pisswasser Dominator.

Price: $62,000 (Stock - Free for returning players) - $634,000 (Upgraded)


Vapid Dominator Retro Custom




Manufacturer: Vapid

Design: 1968 Ford Mustang

Class: Muscle

Performance: Corners well at high speeds, though tends to spin out often. Slower than Imponte Dukes Custom, but faster then Dominator.

Price: $35,000 (Stock) - $726,000 (Upgraded)


Imponte Dukes Damnation




Manufacturer: Imponte

Design: Baja Charger (Fast and Furious 7)

Class: Offroad

Performance: Similar to the Canis Kamacho, but a second slower. Has better handling than the Kamacho.

Price: $220,000


Imponte Frostrunner




Manufacturer: Imponte

Design: Ice Charger (Fast and Furious 8)

Class: Muscle

Performance: Similar to the Stromberg and Drift Tampa. 

Special Abilities: Rocket Boost (Propels the vehicle forward for a short time - similar to Vigilante.), EMP Device (disables all vehicle engines and homing rockets for 15 seconds)

Weapons: Machine Guns (Similar to Stromberg - Unlimited), Homing Rockets (Total capacity: 20), EMP Charges (Total Capacity: 10). NOTE: Machine Guns and Rockets must be purchased in an MOC or Avenger.

Protection: 2 Rockets, 5 Homing Rockets.

Price: $3,225,000



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