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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Create your own vehicle for GTA

Recommended Posts

Gnocchi Flip Flops


Hey, mates! I do apologize if this has been discussed previously in this section, but I thought it would be interesting for us to come up with our own cars for GTA. The rules are simple:

State the name of the car, state the brand, state how the car will look based off of real life counterparts, and state how the car will handle, this includes performance specifications. This is all just for fun and I was just curious to see what you lot could come up with.

Below is the table of the cars for my GTA VI: Vice City concept topic:


AlbanyAnnisBenefactorBravadoCanisClassiqueCoilDeclasseDeLaren GroupDewbaucheeDinkaElegant

Presidente R

Euros SX

Elegy RH6





Surano R

Feltzer II



Serrano XL


Schwartzer S

Schwartzer Roadster



Schafter Touring



Flügel Speedster


Flügel Roadster

Feltzer Touring

Buffalo 450cuiRuggedHurricaneZ ModelVigero T

Merit 4si

Vigero S-Type




Ultima GT

Super GTS




Jester 3.0





Dinka Zeitaku SeriesDundrearyEmperorEnusFathomFlyingFuchūGallivanterGrottiImponteTaikutsunaRemingtonLedster S


Lokus 3.7t

Sultan 3.7

Habanero 3.7t

Spirit R


Cognoscenti S

Cognoscenti xL

Cognoscenti Fastback


FQ 8

Intruder S

Esige X

Ghost XE

ZR-300Huntley XL

Huntley Sport

Turismo X

Turismo Berlinisch

Grandé XI

Turismo R

Aluminizer T


Stinger 2/Bart Spyder

265 4/Bart

Cheetah 415XR

465 6/Bart




[table]InveteroKarinKrappLampadatiMaibatsuObey AGOcelotOverflodPegassiPfisterSchysterCoquette Spider

Coquette 4C

Boxer RS

Sultan TT



Key'd GT



Felon Xi



Orion9F GT-R



Tailgater S


5F Roadster






Tailgater Estate




Windsor S


Windsor V12

Presence XFVacca X



Comet RS

Comet S Targa


Rocoto S


Comet VC Edition





[table]SégalliShítzuÜbermachtUtopia CoachesVapidVapid-NajaVulcar AGWeenyWestern Motorcycle Co.D'zonaFreak Metro

Volcano Glider

Oracle xL

Zion XS

Boot Nürburgring-


Oracle III

Zion XWD

Boot XWD

Sentinel XS

Sentinel Palmelia-


Unter XWD








AllesCynosure R-Series



Hellenbach B-Series

Fortune 24T


Naja Hellenbach R-Series

Naja 457

Naja Roadster 357

Naja Hellenbach-69




Issi NGGiudice[/table]


Faction 4siKonstig[/table]




Manufacturer: Vulcar AG
Design: Volkswagen Scirocco R/Volkswagen Golf R with angled LED daytime running lights surrounding the main xenons. Comes with a big sunroof.
Interior: Copy and paste of the IV Russian Uranus variant w/ the gauges, sport seats, et cetera.
Performance: Is quick but not exactly fast. Very nimble and sportier to corner w/ a slightly stiff suspension and barely noticeable body roll.
Price: $39,500



Manufacturer: Obey AG
Design: Audi S3/Audi RS3 w/ an overall S3 based body and RS3 based aluminium parts w/ Titanium Package lookalike wheels. Comes with a sunroof and matte aluminium mirrors.
Interior: Same as the above but w/ a pop-up display in place of the gauges.
Performance: Handles very similar to the above but offers a bit more grip and due to the AWD system, it launches quicker and understeers a little more.
Price: $47,800



Manufacturer: Benefactor
Deisgn: Mercedes CLS63 AMG/Mercedes E63 AMG w/ an E63 front fascia, CLS63 side profile, and CLS63 rear fascia with a few Schafter resemblances. Comes with full LED's.
Interior: Similar to the Schneller but partially creme.
Performance: Handling is comparable to the concept Schneller but it is slight quicker in a straight line, yet slippy in the corners and less soft sprung.
Price: $103,550

Oracle III


Manufacturer: Übermacht
Deisgn: BMW 650i xDrive Gran Coupé/BMW M550d xDrive w/ a Gran Coupé side profile, a Gran Coupe front fascia, and a M550d rear fascia. Comes with a big sunroof and full LED's.
Interior: Same as above buy partially brown.
Performance: Handles similar to the concept Schneller but is a tiny bit slower with better steering feedback. Almost has as much grip as the concept Schneller. The smooth suspension smooths out most road imperfections and makes for a proper grand tourer.
Price: $96,200




Manufacturer: Obey AG
Design: Audi RS7/Audi S6 C7 with full LED lighting, daytime running lights, and frameless doors. Comes with a big sunroof and a retractable matte aluminium spoiler.
Interior: A brand new, partially white interior similar to the look of an RS7's w/ a pop up display and regal sport seats w/ slightly visible diamond stitching.
Performance: Is surprisingly fast and somewhat nimble at enjoyable speeds but understeers when pushed hard into corners. Comes w/ an air-suspension-esque suspension w/ the ability to smooth out most road imperfections when being driven lightly.
Price: $127,990

Presidente R


Manufacturer: Albany
Design: Cadillac CTS V-Sport/Cadillac ATS w/ an XTS front fascia, a CTS side profile, and an ATS rear fascia. Comes w/ a sunroof, chrome pieces, LED daytime running lights, and gold R badges.
Interior: Same as the IV Presidente but slightly modernized.
Performance: Surprisingly nimble for it's size and almost as quick as a Schneller in a straight line. Corners with accuracy and is very slippery when you want it to be yet still easily controllable. Comes w/ a soft suspension that smooths out most road imperfections.
Price: $68,500

Have fun!

Edited by StingrayX

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Shouldn't this be create your own car(s) for IV, since V has been out for over 5 months now?



Or maybe StingrayX is using Internet Explorer? Only joking


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Shouldn't this be create your own car(s) for VI, since IV has been out for over 5 years now?

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Rainbow Party



Manufacturer: ????
Design: 90s family car/station wagon. Ocassionally riced by car enthusiasts on a budget.
Interior: Comfy interior or economy interior depending on the version.
Performance: Average performance, easy to drive. Manual transmission. Reliable in any environment and it can take a beating before it finally stops running.





Manufacturer: Яцs Kдгs inc.
Design: Old, 6 door sedan. Imported from Russia in the 60s/70s
Interior: Economy interior with cheap parts.
Performance: Average acceleration and above average top speed. Hard to steer. Very reliable and durable.





Eat Me!
Manufacturer: Bravado
Design: Wiener shaped car.
Interior: Very basic and minimalistic interior.
Performance: Slow and hard to steer.






Manufacturer: Wan Kin
Design: Mini Chinese economy car.
Interior: Basic and minimalistic.
Performance: Average handling, slow. Very light weight. Randomly stops working. Low tolerance to any kind of impact.

Edited by Rainbow Party

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Gnocchi Flip Flops


Manufacturer: Übermacht
Design: BMW M135i Hatchback/M235i w/ partial xenons and partial LED's, frameless doors, and daytime running lights around the main headlights.
Variants: 2-door hatchback and 2 door coupé.
Interior: Same as Club but with red seats and door panels.
Performance: Comparable to the Club albeit quicker. Feels a only a tee bit assisted and its very nimble but not as nimble as a Club. Due to power it is still quicker than a Club in the corners.
Price: $53,700


Manufacturer: Benefactor
Design: Mercedes A45/CLA45 AMG w/ frameless doors, mostly LED and xenon lights with daytime running strips under the main headlights. The hatchback has a regular look and then one that comes with a spoiler. The sedan is like the regular hatchback.
Variants: 4-door hatchback and 4-door coupe.
Interior: Based around the Club's but with a pop up display and yellow-green stitching and piping accents, flamboyant enough to be visible through windows.
Performance: Basically a quicker and wilder Unhölflich but with a hell of a lot more torque, an engine that sounds mean, and a very quick dual-clutch-esque transmission. Basically like a meaner sounding IV Feltzer with more accuracy.
Price: $60,300

Oracle xL

Manufacturer: Übermacht
Design: A longer and noticeably taller Oracle II w/ actual xenon and LED headlights. Looks more like an F01 760Li, especially with alloy wheels similar to the Oracle II's without paint. Comes w/ a sunroof, LED daytime running lights, and mesh that either comes in chrome or black.
Interior: All new based off the F01 760Li with white seats and door panels, slightly visible black wood, and TV's and wood tables on the back of the front seats.
Performance: Handling is remarkably similar to a IV Cognoscenti, only slightly quicker with a V12-esque exhaust note.
Price: $145,550

Edited by StingrayX

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Lmao at the wan kin car

Edited by Cwinny24

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Manufacturer: Karin

Design: mainly based on 7th generation of Toyota Celica, but frontlight looks like ones from Ferrari Enzo. Rims are based on Enkei Fujin. Unlike to real-life Celica, there's no spoiler and license plate is on bumper, not on trunk. On trunk writes "S A K U R A" in font similar to one from GTA IV's HUD..

Interior: new interior based on one from Toyota Supra Mark IV.

Performance: similar to Prairie's performance.

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Rainbow Party



White Trash

Manufacturer: Brute
Design: Big garbage truck with mechanical arm to pick up trash cans.
Interior: Fits 3 people on the front. Comfy but smelly.
Performance: Slow. The arm can be used to throw garbage from cans or pedestrians into the garbage compressor on the back.






Manufacturer: Kakagawa
Design: Light tiny minivan.
Interior: Fits many people and a lot of cargo. Minimalistic interior with small and unconfortable seats and an empty space behind.
Performance: Decent speed and handling, especially when it has no cargo. Very light weight.






Manufacturer: Bravado
Design: 'murican SUV.
Interior: Confortable and spacious.
Performance: Excellent 4x4 handling.





Deluxo 2069

Manufacturer: ????
Design: Flying sports car.
Interior: Confortable, with the latest technology. Gullwing doors.
Performance: It can fly, 'nuff said.

Edited by Rainbow Party

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Did anyone notice or ponder as to how or why this is pinned?

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Rainbow Party

well I did notice the thread was created today/yesterday :p
I guess it's pin worthy just in case someone wanted to create their own concept for a car without having to make their own thread or having nowhere else to post it.

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well I did notice the thread was created today/yesterday :p

I guess it's pin worthy just in case someone wanted to create their own concept for a car without having to make their own thread or having nowhere else to post it.

That's a good point, but then again, how many threads do we get that are actually about concepts for cars? For what it's worth, the closest thing we get like that is some dude who joined five minutes ago and posted a picture of 20 (insert exotic supercar here) and says RAKSTAR PUT DIS IN GE-TE-AY SIX

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Rainbow Party

xD lmao thats true

and yeah I guess very few would be so shameless to make an entire new thread for a "concept car" in the GTA Series section so if anyone wants to, there's this thread now, pinned for everyone to see

Edited by Rainbow Party

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Manufacturer: HVY

Design: Parade Float

Capacity: 16 (People can stand on it, either by climbing or pressing /\ or Y)

Interior: N/A

Performance: Slow and sluggish.

Other Information: Comes in several variations.



Manufacturer: HVY

Design: Steam Roller

Capacity: 2 (One person can hang off the side)

Interior: Simple singular seat.

Performance: Slow and sluggish.

Other Information: Can turn NPC's into 2D textures on the ground.



Manufacturer: N/A

Design: Horse

Capacity: 2

Interior: N/A

Performance: Can travel at fast speeds, but not for an extended period of time.

Other Information: Getting shot too many times will cause the 'vehicle' to die and bleed, unless it remains inverted for an extended period of time, then it will explode as an easter egg.



Manufacturer: N/A
Design: Penny Farthing

Capacity: 1

Interior: N/A

Performance: Performs like a regular bicycle, except attempting a wheelie or a stoppie will cause a bail.

Other Information: N/A



Manufacturer: HVY

Design: Mobile Crane

Capacity: 3 (One person sits in the crane operator seat)

Interior: Simple seating.

Performance: Slow and sluggish.

Other Information: If only being driven by one person, both the driving and crane is controlled by the driver, if being driven by two or more people, a passenger will operate the crane while another person drives.




Edited by CantThinkOfOne2013

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I assume it was pinned to prevent future similar threads from being made in this section. It was originally the V section, but I asked for it to be moved here. Came here and it was pinned. Thanks anyways whoever did it. :)

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Rainbow Party




Manufacturer: Weeny
Design: Tiny station wagon.
Interior: Vintage, with room for people in the back but small and unconfortable.
Performance: Decent top speed, good turning.






Manufacturer: Mammoth
Design: 8-wheel SUV based limousine.
Interior: Confortable and luxurious.
Performance: Slow and sluggish until it catches some speed.






Manufacturer: Bollokan
Design: Typical crappy 90s economy Japanese car.
Interior: Basic.
Performance: Below average.






Manufacturer: Declasse?
Design: 80s/90s sportscar.
Interior: High technology components.
Performance: Great speed and handling. As a special feature it can shoot sticky spider-like webs to catpure other cars or people. It appears when you get a 3 star wanted level at night and it's driven by a chick in leather bondage clothes who calls herself the Black Spider.

Edited by Rainbow Party

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Yo, Love the concept pics!

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Turismo R



Manufacturer: Grotti
Design: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Basically a IV Turismo with more carbon fiber, more aggressive styling, and Italian-themed stripes.

Variants: One variant comes with Italian flag-themed stripes and one variant comes with a regular paint job.
Interior: Basically a IV Turismo's w/ red and black seats, carbon fiber in place of anything aluminium, and red dash w/ full carbon fiber door panels.
Performance: Handles remarkably similar to a IV Turismo but is much quicker, faster, more balanced, and comes w/ better braking.

Prices: $140,500

Edited by StingrayX

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Manufacturer: Enus

Design: Inspired by Bentley Mulsanne. Rear, grill and front bumper are very similar to ones from Cognoscenti Cabrio.

Interior: This same like in Super Diamond.

Performance: Comfortable handling, average acceleration and top speed. Hard to drive on off-road.

Edited by phoenixShine

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Muscle and Cruiser Pack



Classique Destrier

Design: 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado. Convertible option available.

Interior: Has the distinct musk of bourbon and cigarettes. Too much testosterone.

Performance: A heavy handler with a top speed up to par with it's successor, the legendary Stallion, the wide profile of the Destrier is carried by a big block 425ci Classique V8 with three-speed transmission as standard.



Willard Idaho

Design: 1973 Buick Riviera. Dramatic "boat tail" rear end.

Interior: Leopard print upholstory. Bouncing OG Loc dash ornament. Dice optional.

Performance: Sluggish, at her best opened up on a highway. A nightmare to handle with near non-existant braking. The statement vehicle of pimps from yesteryear.



Saturn Hellenbach GT

Design: 1971 Mercury Cougar. Available with go-faster stripes, soft top.

Interior: Leather. Fold down seats for blast off.

Performance: Lighter than it's earlier counterparts, the Hellenbach is overpowered with an excessively high performing Equilizer V8 from the era when sheer horsepower sold numbers and gas crisis were unknown.



Vapid Polaris V8

Design: Ford Falcon XC. Excessively 70s paint schemes: lime green, bright orange. Neon detailing.

Interior: An unruly stench of VB and Maccas.

Performance: Imported muscle from the land where they really do know what they're doing when they shove a V8 under the hood of a full-sized sedan. Though an anomaly on American roads, it holds up well against the competition with the advantage of carrying extra passengers. Bad deformation upon crashing: likely to fold like a deck of cards.



Argyle Greenwood

Design: Neglected mid-80s Plymouth Gran Fury in light matte blue. Cream vinyl roof.

Interior: Reeks of stale fried chicken. Seats torn apart by gunfire and moth holes. Basketball in the trunk. Well preserved 8-track stereo with functioning Madd Dogg casette.

Performance: Average speed with boat like handling. Countered by sheer indestructability. Unique spawn point in the recesses of Grove Street. No, he isn't hiding in the back seat.



Vapid Prospect

Design: Ex fleet issue Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Mid-to-late 80s.

Interior: Well worn. Alternating signs of former service in both taxi ranks and police departments. Occassional spawns of bullet wounding and LSPD livery upon the exterior panel work. Paint liable to change in heavy downpours.

Performance: Varies. Bald tires and labored engines contribute to an oftentimes robust performance. The player may strike it lucky with a police package of department issue engine, shocks and suspension.



AMA Velite

Design: 1974 AMC Javelin. Downsized muscle car.

Interior: Shaken, not stirred. SHT models feature red upholstery.

Performance: Tournament winner capable of handling high-speed pursuits with ease. Surprisingly nimble.

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I see them everywhere here, even though they're mosty European you do see them elsewhere so they wouldn't look out of place, would also look good in industrial areas to contrast the huge vans and lorries...




Manufacturer: Vulcar

Design: Based off of the VW caddy (hence Vulcar, GTA's VW) a smaller commercial vehicle compared to typical vans and load-hauling lorries, with barn style doors at the back, like other vans.

Interior: Bland, dark grey and pretty cramped. Plain storage area.

Performance: Well, why do you think it's called the Anvil? (apart from the only other Vulcar car being called the ingot. Shhh. It's similar design) It's designed for carrying, not speed. Or handling. Or acceleration. Good grip though, it has to suffer the terrain of muddy construction sites, wet docks and the tiny narrow corners of Europe.

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Manufacturer: Gallivanter.

Design: based on Land Rover Discovery 4 (LR4 in US), front fascia resembles 2007-2014 Lincoln Navigator.

Interior: new interior based on real-life LR4's one. Dashboard is taken from second-gen of Baller.

Performance: good handling, medium-high top speed and average acceleation. Good to off-road driving.

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I'm gonna repeat some ideas from previous threads but I don't care:


Manufacturer: Ubermacht
Design: BMW Isetta
Interior: Cramped. Seats one person.
Performance: Just exactly what you'd expect. Slow, turns and tips easily.

A tiny little joke car from a museum.


Manufacturer: Benefactor
Design: Mercedes-Benz W124 with elements of a Volvo 850. Basically a spiritual successor to the 3D Universe Admiral.
Interior: Similar to Schafter, I guess.
Performance: Nothing remarkable, but good enough.


Manufacturer: Ocelot
Design: Just like in SA, a mix of Jaguar E-Type and Alfa Romeo Spider. However, I'd like it to be longer, more reminiscent of the former.
Interior: Same as above.
Performance: Pretty slow by today's standards, but still quite fast. Handles well.


Manufacturer: Declasse
Design: 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air four door, with some minor alteration - basically like a four door variant of Voodoo.
Interior: Similar to Voodoo.
Performance: Sluggy, as one can expect from a late 50s sedan. Handles like a boat, pretty heavy hitting.


Manufacturer: Schyster
Design: Second generation Chrysler Sebring, but made to look more generic.
Interior: Same as above.
Performance: Another unremarkable American sedan.


Manufacturer: Canis
Design: 80's/90's Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Reminiscent of GTA VC/SA's Landstalker.
Interior: Typical for an SUV of the time. Back when SUVs were marketed to folks in the country and travelers rather than suburban moms.
Performance: Rather tough, great for offroad, but like every SUV doesn't stand out well on the road.

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Okay. I have a couple cars:



Manufacturer: Obey AG

Design: Heavily based off of a Audi RS3, with some changes to the front fascia (Larger lights, different grill similar to the Tailgater) and a lower roof.

Interior: Simple and light, but still has some creature comforts like Air-con.

Engine: 2.6 Turbo V6 producing 300hp

Drivetrain: 4WD

0-60: 5.0 seconds

Top Speed: 160 Mph

Overview: A fast, but good handling hatch. It has great grip through mid speed corners, but at high speeds its short wheelbase and light weight can make it quite a handful.



Manufacturer: Vapid

Design: The basic shape comes from a SSC Ultimate Aero, with more modern and aggressive front and a simpler rear.

Interior: Stripped out, almost bare.

Engine: 7.0 Supercharged V8 producing 1200hp

Drivetrain: MR

0-60: 3.0 seconds

Top Speed: 270 Mph

Overview: An extremely fast car that challenges the Adder and the Entity. Not great at turning, especially in low speed corners where the car is prone to oversteer.


Hope you like them!

Edited by Carmain2K

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There was already a thread like this some months ago that didn't have even the half sucess this seems to have. So anyway, I will repost mine.



Willard Guzzler


"19 feet long. Steel body. 250hp V8 engine. 15MPG: the purest expression of the american excess."




Front and body resembles to a '77-'79 Buick Electra 2dr. However, the rear has bigger tailfins, similar to the 1959 Buick's ones. It's more common to see rusted out ones.


- Body


- Tailfins (the tail lights are like the '79 model, though)



Its immense trunk makes the Guzzler the favourite choice of bloodthirsty psychopaths who wander empty roads looking for their next victim.


If you ever see its lights approaching at you in the darkness of a deserted road, you better hit the gas and run for your life.

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Opus Mantis


Manufacturer: Opus AG

Design: Based on the Opel Manta B GSI

Interior: Reeks of cheap beer, hairspray, and pine tree air fresheners.

Performance: great for staying parked at a fast food cafe, blaring Happy Hardcore from the speakers. Not so good as a racer.

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Manufacturer: Obey AG.

Design: based on Audi A5 Cabriolet. Front fascia strongly resembles Tailgater, but frontlights are other (features LED lights).

Interior: taken off Zion Cabrio, but Ubermacht logo on steering wheel is replaced with Obey's ones.

Performance: good handling. Slightly quicker than Tailgater.

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Albany Churchill

Based on : Cadillac Fleetwood '85

Performance : Has a good acceleration for a heavy sedan.

Handling : Sluggish. No power steering available.

Reliability : Such a heavy sedan can withstand a good amount of damage and bullets.

Price : $43750


Benefactor Schweizer V12

Based on : Mercedes-Benz CLS 500

Performance : 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Enough for a German luxury sedan.

Handling : Responsive.

Reliability : As seen on movies, this sedan can survive a 16 minutes car chase.

Price : $113500


Declasse Olympic LT

Based on : Chevrolet Blazer/Chevrolet Tahoe

Performance : Not a true SUV. In fact, it is RWD and is slower than Canis Nordberg SRV8.

Handling : A little bit understeer, especially at more than 56mph.

Reliability : Normal. Has enough power to push Dilettantes out of road.

Price : $22335

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Windsor S

Manufacturer: Ocelot
Design: Jaguar F-Type R/Jaguar XKR Coupé w/ an F-Type front fascia, an F-Type side profile, and a mix of the XKR & F-Type in the rear. Comes w/ unpaintable yellow calipers, wheels similar to the real life F-Type, LED daytime running lights, and black mesh.
Interior: Same as IV Feltzer but with a partially red interior.
Performance: Similar to a IV Feltzer but is more prone to drifts, sounds much more menacing, and steers more precisely. The suspension is also slightly smoother and softer, suitable for grand touring. Has a very raspy and crackly exhaust note.
Price: $94,000

Feltzer II

Manufacturer: Benefactor
Design: SL65 AMG R231/SLK55 AMG w/ the length of an SL, a mix of the SL and SLK in the rear, and the front fascia of an SL with thinner headlamps and daytime running strips underneath them.
Interior: Dame as the IV Feltzer but w/ white seats and door panels.
Variants: Retractable-sunroof-hardtop badged normally with a matte aluminium front bumper lip & retractable-sunroof-hardtop badged w/ an S next to Feltzer badge[this variant comes with a carbon fiber lip spoiler, carbon fiber mirrors, carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber front bumper lip.
Performance: Just like the IV Feltzer but quicker, faster, and a little more grunty. The Feltzer S is even slightly faster and more prone to drifting due to extra torque.
Price: $172,200

Edited by StingrayX

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Rainbow Party




Manufacturer: Declasse
Design: Heavy duty truck. Huge size.
Interior: Confortable, room for 7 people.
Performance: All terrain, average acceleration but good top speed and handling.






Manufacturer: Asinin
Design: 4 door hatchback.
Interior: Confortable, screen on the back of the front seats. Suicide doors in the back. Modified to have the steering wheel on the left and automatic transmission for use in the US.
Performance: Average speed, good turning.






Manufacturer: Phoque
Design: 2 door hatchback.
Interior: Economy. Some owners customize them with LCD screens and sound systems, and replace the seats with racing seats.
Performance: Average speed, average turning.

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Mr Oraange



Panto Uno





Declasse Rhapsody, 2nd Generation





Vulcar Bug

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