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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Territory Domination

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So this event is a copy because as you stated.


You have been working on this for longer but didn't get it off the ground and gave up with V being released.


Lol therefore Brew beat you to the punch.


Doesn't matter if you were "planning" anything, you never got it up and running until now, long after Brew's is already up and running. Congrats on "planning"...then stealing.


Also how would you not notice Brew's Event? It has been on these forums since its inception, and no one mentioned "your plan" during any of that.


Hell even AJ saw Brew's and commented about joining, and still no one knew..... Lol can we get a shovel with all this bullsh*t?


Anyways good luck with "your" event. I am so glad I never joined Acedemi PMC when you offered. I would have been so embarrassed by this if I was with you.


I will leave this in peace now. sh*tty Brew that people have to steal rather then contribute.

Edited by CloudHigh

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Frankly I thank you for not joining Academi seeing that since you have been on these forums you have been in about 5 crews. We don't like clan hoppers and I'm sure you wouldn't have lasted a weekso please grow up and stop acting like big sh*t any further replays are to go to private message

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Commissioner Monk

I was thinking about this last night. I have some suggestions. So to clear things up you propose to do a TDM, LTS and a capture with the best of three deciding the winner. These matches have to take place on the turf that is being fought over. My question is... Is it possible to play those three modes in all turfs? I`m sure there is only 20 capture locations is there not? You would probably have to extend the capture part to wider regions rather than in the turf in question. I would suggest doing the TDM then the capture and have the LTS as the final game of the three. Some crews are good at TDM others at capture so this gives both crews a better chance. As an event organizer and host you want the games to go the full three matches so this would help to make that happen. Also it would make the final LTS more dramatic. It could go down to 1v1 for the whole turf. The more exciting it is the better chance of people sticking with the event. You will find that when you have a consistent dominant crew people walk away from the event. You want all your crews to feel like they have a chance and anyone can win on the day. This is what will make people come back.


Also have you considered maybe giving the home team a slight advantage to represent then fact they are defending their turf. Perhaps in the form of an additional player or weapon? Perhaps the highest ranking crew members of the home team can use a heavy weapon in the TDM only. I don't know but it food for thought and could add depth to your event. The event itself is good idea regardless of where it originated from.


There is a lot of land there and only a handful of crews maybe make the turfs larger and have less overall.

Edited by Madmonk420
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I completely agree with your fist statement and feel I should change the rules but the weapons I'm not sure about I think it might be to unfair but it is an idea to think about honestly I wish you could simple set the forced weapon but they don't have that yet

Thank you for your contribution

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Advertisement removed - Otter

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Steve if you re-post that you will be banned from the forums.

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It's up to members to join events or gangs. This topic/event will stay open gentlemen.


Keep any and all argumentative comments for private or to yourself.

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Wow way to steal District Domination event/game and all the hard work BrewCity_262 put in. funny how aj was on our website and now participating in this, people can't even give credit where its due they have to go and steal other peoples hard work, what a bunch of fakes. Barely even changed the name.....


What are you talking about? I've personally been away for the last 8 days. My crew has joined this initiative, and we always try to support initiatives like this. Yes it's very similar, however this seems a little simpler and still needs some 'polish'. The guy who made this event, should of asked first and given some credit to the concept.


Let's not argue here though, and let's work together to get things rolling. :^:




Here are some my thoughts, I hope these make sense.


I think Monk's comments should be taken on board, and the 2 Team Only Captures / Rockstar created TDM's and LTS' should be firstly listed and then mapped into the territories, basically you create pre-set fixture lists that are relevant to each 'area' depending on what modes are available in that area. The trouble arises due to the lack of two team only Capture modes, these are spread out but from memory there are only around 5-8 of them. It would seem ridiculous to play for territory around Vespucci Beach but then the Capture has to take place in a completely different part of the map! (I'm going create a map of Los Santos, grouping together the 3 chosen modes into areas)

Secondly, I don't believe any groups should start-off with a territory, I believe there should be set matches beforehand, to gain territories (Bad idea?). So at first the territories are owned by nobody. It's an aspect that I didn't like about District Domination, when it seemed that crews with higher numbers automatically appeared to have 'the rights' to more turfs from the start.


Thirdly, I agree with the weapon rules, particularly the anti, auto-shotgun rules!

Edited by A J

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District domination has merged with mc crew battles. We have gone in a route where it is up to the crew to choose there battles for the district. Different modes. Etc. We do not post here anymore do to lack of playing from here. This seems to be just a forum. We play the game. You all know where to look if you want to join.

We welcome a merge with this version.

Edited by brewcity_262

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G Money316777

Is this for xbox or ps?

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Well AJ this isn't by how many members you have its just everybody starts off with a territory

I think that's what your getting at

Also I will soon find a few set maps for the games to be hosted on if everybody agrees with them


Is this for xbox or ps?

Both consoles are supported

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Don Joe Montana

Message from Don Joe Montana.


Check out all my mafia based games. Each deathmatch are played out as each team will be attacking or defending.

Mafia mission data base:

Don Joe Montana must die 1-10 story missions.

Contract Killing 1-4 side missions.

Mafia business take over missions:

Got Any Smokes.

Boss M Canasanos Compound.

The Set Up.

The Montana Mansion.

The Weed Plantation.


Map lay outs:

Well placed props.

Themed set ups.

Cover to Cover objects - no more of this cow boys and Indian warfare.

Ideal for for true mafia roll players.


Family: Montana Crime Family

Xbox GT: Don Joe Montana






Biker MC Deathmatches and Biker MC Business Take Overs soon coming !

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Don Joe Montana

If you guy like the concept, and it works for what you guys are trying to create. I'm more than happy to add more locations from players, that have set spots for thier own business, players can then challenge each other for each others businesses.


Sup idea players can set the amount that, that business brings in depending on the shop front.

Just a thought ?

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