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User tracks not playing - Mac





I have San Andreas on Mac OSX 10.8. Before posting that the reason for my problem is because of my operating system, please note that I have been able to install most mods flawlessly. I also have UnRarX and Wine to deal with any windows apps. I also have a laptop with Windows installed, but it is really crappy and can't even run GTA 3 without noticeable lag. Of course, asi scripts and CLEO mods don't work, but everything else does.


Anyway, my problem is that my user tracks simply aren't loading. I've gotten my user tracks channel to play before without any issues. I recently cleared my computer of the game and did a fresh install of everything so that I could install a new mod. After I completely installed the mod, which involved using ImgTool, Txd Workshop, and SAAT GUI, I noticed that my Wav files I placed in my User Tracks folder were not loading in game. I first looked at each files. I know that GTA SA by default only runs Waveform files, so the files should've loaded. I don't know any way they could have become corrupted. I again did a fresh install of the game, and the outcome didn't change. Do you guys have any ideas what might have caused this to happen?


Since the last time I loaded my User Tracks successfully, I have done the following:

-Deleted the files of GTA 3 and GTA Vice City

-Reinstalled the game twice

-Done some audio editing with SAAT GUI



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1 answer to this question

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Follow Up: Apparently I was stupid and didn't remember to analyze the files in-game. Problem solved

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