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Need Some Help With GTA Mods

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Hey everyone!


I haven't been here in a very long time, and I have very limited experience with mods for GTA on the PC. Anyway, I want to replay GTA III, VC, and SA for the millionth time and I want to try some mods out. I played through GTA III with RealGTA3, which was a lot of fun, to be honest. The only other mod I have used was the Speedometer mod for San Andreas.


Anyway, I was initially very excited this morning when I started reading the thread about GTA 3 Extended Edition (3Xtended) created by OmeXr. That looked like it would be fantastic! So I read through the entire thread and at the very end, I found out he had a falling out with the community, so it looks like the mod is now caput. Oh well.


Anyway, if I can't find anything else like that, major changes and stuff to the game, then I will just re-download and play RealGTA3 again. Do any of you guys have any advice on where to start? Other than RealGTA3 and the SA speedometer mod, I am very new to this and know nothing about it. Eventually I want to mod VC and SA as well. :)


Thanks and sorry for the probably DUMB questions.

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Hey @ChiroVette, Welcome back to GTA Forums! :)

This section of the forum is for the unmodded version of Grand Theft Auto III only - Any discussion of modifications belong in one of the forums in the GTA Mods section.

For now, you can look through this list of modifications at GTAGarage in hope you'll find something good!


-GTAKid667 :)

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