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Your Favorite Scores from Games/Movies/TV?


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Richard Power Colt

So I watched the Devilman Crybaby anime from Netflix recently and oh boy was it dark and depressing. The soundtrack was pretty great.


It had a lot of good electronic music like this one from the opening:

This one was straight up used in a crazy demonic rave scene:

This track kinda reminds me of Hotline miami:

There was some good non-electronic music too. Like this piano track that was used in some of the more emotional moments:


Edited by Richard Power Colt
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I always think The Lone Ranger score gets overlooked because nobody liked the move. This song from the end credits is excellent. 


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Arrows to Athens

I'm loving the Invisible Man soundtrack. It was composed by Benjamin Wallfisch, who also composed the soundtrack for IT: Chapter Two.






I love the loud, distorted computerized sounds that play during the intense moments in certain tracks, such as in the tracks "Escape" and "Attack". They evoke sounds of dread and danger, and send shivers down my spine. 


And then you have calm, soft moments with relaxing piano and string arrangements, such as in the track "He's Gone". 

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The Mega Man games are generally known for having great music.



Even some of the weaker Mega Man games, such as X6 and X7, have quite a few amazing tunes.




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Wipeout 2097





Good Morning Vietnam


A sample track



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Mr. Galloway

The soundtrack that introduced me to some of my favorite bands.






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End theme of Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

Entrance theme of Gran Turismo 2

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