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Your Favorite Scores from Games/Movies/TV?


Recommended Posts

Richard Power Colt

My favorite tracks from the Good the Bad and the Ugly(other than the main theme which everyone knows):




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Richard Power Colt

So I watched this just recently:



Edited by GTAandStuff
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Wolf of Badenoch

Does this count?


Say what you want about Mafia II, you can't deny that it has a absolutely beautiful soundtrack.





Edited by Wolf of Badenoch
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Richard Power Colt

Best credits song ever lol:


Edited by GTAandStuff
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Best intro song for a game since probably Halo 3's Never Forget or Dragon Age's Main Theme. To bad only 5 people played this game and I was one of them.




Ambience in Deus Ex. How you know you're doing it right..



Edited by Hyperglide
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Richard Power Colt

So I just watched Season 1 of Fargo:


This one really gets me on the mood of doing something meaningful urgently and with style. Not sure what you'd call this type of music, but I kinda wanna hear more of it:



This one has that little eerie sound to it occasionally that reminds me of Crush from the first Hotline Miami:


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Misanthrope Z

if we're talking games, Metal Gear Rising seems to have my favorite OST at the moment




when it comes to movies, i've always been fond of the song choices in the Fast&Furious series







songs from other games i can't seem to get tired of:


Crew Race (DJ Fike) - Need for Speed: Carbon:


Theme of Xiaoyu - Tekken Tag Tournament:


Ozone - Burnout 3:


Electrified - Midnight Club 2:


Cover of Mute City - F-Zero GX:





other songs from movies i still like to this day:


Speed of Light - The Fast and The Furious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JDB7DeeAus


Brian Makes It - 2 Fast 2 Furious:


Bad Judges - Dredd (2012):


Little Child Running Wild - Friday:


Tha 2 of Us - Bulletproof:



EDIT: no idea why the need for speed and tekken video show up instead of just the URL, didn't put them in any sort of code... weird

Edited by Pegassi Autobot
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  • 1 month later...
  • 3 weeks later...
Richard Power Colt

Time to revive this thread with a movie I just watched. Holy sh*t John Carpenter is awesome:




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Richard Power Colt

Really didn't expect to be so into a song like this:



I guess the game being really good helps too. It's a cover of an old song which has been sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra.


There's also this:


They play during the fight scenes occasionally and I just really enjoy their bright mood. They also fit the context of the game really well.

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Contribootin! Probably my favorite film soundtrack of all time. I love the themes in it, it's like a mix of Star Wars and the Prince of Egypt. It starts off so majestically, and then ends in a deathly concession to the Egyptian gods.




Also, wanted to add this one. I think Graeme Revell is quite underrated.



Edited by X S
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Cameron Star

Silent Hill 2 has a hauntingly good soundtrack, especially the title screen theme. Gives me goosebumps everytime.



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