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Your Favorite Scores from Games/Movies/TV?

Recommended Posts

B Dawg


Some of the best ones aren't even on youtube.

Edited by B Dawg

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Killer Whale

This one's a classic for me


Perhaps the only highlight of the Batman & Robin movie

Edited by Mr_No

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Richard Power Colt

The soundtrack for Twin Peaks: the Return came out so I felt like posting some songs from the original score(the licensed stuff is great as well).


This was originally in Fire Walk with me I think, but it was also included in the soundtrack for the new season(it's a slightly different version I think, I don't actually remember where it played)

Edit: changed the link to the Fire Walk with me version as I actually like it better:



Has a fun mood to it(although the Return version has some haunting undertones to it). Kinda makes me wanna get some chores or work done for some reason.




Now for something that's both depressing and beautiful:



This is actually a cover of a song from Desire:



Basically a slowed down version of an existing song, creates a nice haunting effect:



Edit: Okay I only just listened to this fully and there's definitely more than just slow-mo there lol.

Edited by Richard Power Colt

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If there's one genre with truly great and memorable music, it has to be the PS1/PS2 era mascot platformers.



This one plays as you battle it out on the highest point of the game, where you can see all the areas you traversed previously. Pretty awesome, even though the boss itself wasn't the most "engaging" so to speak.




Cue the third game, where you get to speed through a bunch of tubes with this on the background. The sections are probably more known for the associated frustration, but since 23-year-old me isn't that troubled by them anymore, there's more time to enjoy the soundtrack. If only they didn't END long before the music does!



But my favorite of all time has to be this. The way it picks up intensity about midway through gives me goosebumps. Can't get much better than a well done fast-paced techno track.



Of course, there's loads more where they came from, but those have to be the 3 most memorable. Even if I only played Jak 1 for the first time a few years ago on a PS3.

Edited by Carbonox

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Femme Fatale

I love this 80s song from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4.



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Homemade Dynamite

I've been revisiting the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack lately. Goddamn does this put the generic J-pop soundtracks of today's anime to shame.






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Richard Power Colt

The DB super soundtrack has some pretty good tracks here and there, although arguably the show's music placement has been pretty shoddy in some episodes.


This one has a nice relaxing mood to it:



This is basically just a cover of the old DBZ opening song, but it's pretty epic:



Some nice tension on this one:



This one actually gives me some chills:


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There's so many I could probably talk about, but one that came immediately to mind was actually the original score from Grand Theft Auto V. I remember hearing the snippets during play and wondered if there was somewhere I could download them. To my surprise, I discovered the entire score had been released alongside the soundtrack, which contained a selection of songs used on the in-game radio stations. I've been a long-time fan of DJ Shadow and Tangerine Dream so this was a welcome addition to my collection.


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B Dawg


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