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Lee Everett

GTA Online - A day in the life

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Lee Everett

This is fake and for humor lol, so please don't take offense. (People raged at me in the GTAOnline section, I was told this was suited more for this one ^-^)




I must get this stress off my chest as it has been very annoying,
I have a feeling today, and it just keeps growing
A feeling of sadness and rage, anger and despair,
I feeling like slamming my computer onto a chair.
Well let me just stop, and tell you the story.
I just hope that it doesn't get boring.
So today, I played a game called GTA Five.
A guy crashed me in his Adder, over and over until I died.
Did I know this guy? Of course I did not.
But he decided to kill me anyway, in the hospital parking lot.
So I move along, no hard feelings right?
The same guy decides to send a mugger to me in the dusk, in the night.
They took my wallet, stole my car, and left me very sad and poor.
The guy over the mic, told me to leave "there's the door".
But I wonder how someone could be so cruel.
I challenged him. Accept this duel!
I killed the guy with his own Blue Adder
I said HA! Did I make you even madder?
As he approached me, I entered passive mode.
I told him, don't you even dare, you started, leave, now go.
He held a grudge until the end of the game.
He killed me one last time, as I was heading home to watch some Fame or Shame.
In his nerdy voice he yelled "Ha I killed you, good bye"
Then he flew away in his chopper and to the skies up high
But before he left I pulled out my rocket launcher, and aimed for his head
And boom. Wtf? Disconnect
Now I am in anger, as I wanted the last kill
I'm writing you my last song, ontop of a hill.

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I quite literally laughed my ass off to reading this. It's relatable 100% when I think of all the arduous, pointless journeys of pointless killings, and pointless rampages of muggers, Buzzard missile rains, and f*cking idiotic, pointless, point-blank shooters who pointlessly do not rack up any points. Overused the word pointless because that's how pointless GTA V: Online feels to me.


I feel your pain and at the same time I loved this! Do some more.


Also, f*ck those moody f*ckers in the V section. All those twelve year old fanboys just like to vent alot and rage to the high heavens.

Edited by Ziggy455

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