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What radio stations do you like and hate the most?


Recommended Posts

Richie Makyura

LIKE: Head Radio, Rise FM, & Flashback FM



HATE: Double Clief FM & Chatterbox

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Best: Double Cleff (Y'all are missing on some genius music)

Worst: Head Radio (brainless Pop music for plebs).

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  • 7 months later...

Y'all mind if I bump this? Was listening to some III songs and happened to find this by chance, thought I'd share my opinion.

GTA III probaly has the catchiest GTA soundtrack and is one of my favourite OSTs in any game. I know Vice City and San Andreas destroy III's soundtrack into oblivion, but I just prefer the III soundtrack over both the VC and SA soundtrack.

I don't exactly know why, I just do.

So personally, I like Rise FM and Lips 106 the most. Bump To The Music is one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard and the drop in The One still gets me... Rise FM is the perfect station to listen to when doing missions, especially when Shake is on.


GTA III also had the best talk station out of any other GTA game, imo. The callers were brilliant and I loved how simple and random everything was. The station was so memorable to the point that I could probaly recite it off the top of my head.

But I pretty much liked every radio station aside from K-JAH (never was a fan of raggae) and Double Clef.

I also find Flashback FM an extremely boring station. I never got into it. I like 80's pop but I just don't really like Flashback FM that much for some reason.

MSX FM was also kinda annoying to listen to because of MC Codebreaker, but the songs themselves were very good. Ended up downloading the original mix :b

Here's a list of some of my favourite songs:
Fatamarse - Bump To The Music
Dezma - Life Is A Mere Supply
Slyder Neo - The One
Royce Da 5'9 - Pretty Ugly
JoJo Pelligrino Freestyle
BoyZ To GirlZ - Pray It Goes Ok

R.R.D.S - Innerbattle

Aprils In Paris - Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More

That's all :).

Edited by CarsonGT
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  • 1 month later...

As Carson revived the thread, here are my favs:



I like a few songs on Head, mainly 'Fade away'

Double Cleff is great, Morgan is such a weirdo.

Chatterbox is so much fun...

Lips is ok... Not the best but i sure can listen to it when i feel like it.

K-Jah is pretty bad in GTA 3. KJW is great in GTA SA though, one of my fav radio stations.

I can't stand game fm, msx or rise fm. That's it.

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Like: Head Radio, Lips 106, Rise FM and Flashback FM


Dislike: Double Cleff FM and Chatterbox

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  • 2 weeks later...
The Mysterious One

As a hip-hop head, I am going with Game Radio, but I will listen to the other stations. I enjoyed Head Radio and Lips 106 despite how cheesy a lot of the songs are. Rise FM and MSX FM are good for going on high-speed chases, plus I kind of enjoy house music and drum & bass/turntable style music. I have also grown to appreciate reggae/dub/dance hall music, so I will listen to K-Jah at times. I would have to say that my least favorite is Double Clef FM, but that is mainly because I am not that big on opera/classical music, though I will put it on. Chatterbox is okay, but I think that a lot of the talk stations in subsequent games have that one beat, especially VCPR in Vice City.


*ETA: I forgot to mention Flashback. I actually liked the songs from Scarface, so I enjoyed the station. Though I get to hear the full versions of the songs when I play Scarface: The World is Yours.

Edited by The Mysterious One
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The radio stations in GTA III suck. However, Flashback 95.6 is only slightly more bearable than the others. I usually play the game with the radio volume turned down to zero.

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Rise, MSX FM and Flashback 98.6 all day. There wasn't really a radio station in GTA III I remembered disliking, though I guess I never cared for Double Clef.

Edited by Lock N' Stock
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K-Jah and Game Radio are two I like. I'd say RISE FM but, I really only like it's LCS iteration. I never really liked Double Cleff. Always turn that off.

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I dont really know i always listened to flashback fm, nice Scarface soundtrack but i dont like the head radio, dunno why but i just dont like it

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chatterbox, Game Radio, Lips 106, Double Cleff, and Flashback really defined GTAIII for me as a kid.


"Killer bees must be stopped!"

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Flashback was awesome, you can't go wrong with the Scarface OST tracklist! I also enjoyed Lips 106 and Head Radio (Rockstar knew how to make the catchiest f*cking songs), and Chatterbox was pretty good for basic talk radio.


I didn't really hate any of the radio stations in III, but I know I didn't listen to K-JAH much at all.

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MSX FM always sounded like it was one song on the repeat, and some guy shouting nonsense in the background. Never really liked it.

Edited by T-N-Z
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Game fm and head radio are my favorites


i hate Double cleff and chatterbox

Edited by CoolMods
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Love: K-Jah. Double Clef FM, Head Radio, Chatterbox, Flashback FM, half of Lips 106


Hate: the rest

Edited by Laura91
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I like:


MSX: most favourite one, pumping action music, great for stunts, rushing over the city and police persecutions. Moreover I find that song:

the most iconic of the whole game. Is deep and fits perfect with night atmosphere.

K-jah: it's weird reagge, I like it.

Lips 106: lovely anf kind station


Game Radio FM and Rise FM are the ones I used to like in old times, and now they're not that great but I might still listen to it.

All the other ones just are OK but nothing special.

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Hm, it seems I haven't posted here yet. Can't believe I haven't!


I love ALL III stations, something that no other GTA can offer. However, my favourite ones are:

- Chatterbox

- Double Clef FM

- Flashback FM


Game Radio, K-Jah and Rise Fm are also pretty neat. They all go really well with certain areas of the city, whereas the ones above I can listen to pretty much anywhere.


GTA III team did an incredible job at making this game.

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Like: Head Radio, Rise FM, Lips 106 (except the song that plays after the GTA 1 theme, I always change the radio when that one comes), Flashback FM, Chatterbox FM.


Dislike: Double Clef FM (I don't mind that one much but I still prefer to change the radio if I get bored of it), K-JAH, Game Radio FM, MSX FM.


The radio station I like the most is Flashback FM and the one I dislike the most is MSX FM.

Edited by GTAGuy1995
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  • 2 months later...
On 3/22/2014 at 7:45 PM, Spadge said:

Push it to the limit is my fav' song. The only don't listen the MSX, what is that for a music style anyway ?

MSX FM is a Drum & Bass station and Drum & Bass is supposed to be fast-paced. Without the fast-pace, it's not Drum & Bass. As for the dude just yelling and sh*t, that's MC Codebreaker.

On 3/9/2018 at 11:45 AM, tnz1992 said:

MSX FM always sounded like it was one song on the repeat, and some guy shouting nonsense in the background. Never really liked it.

lmao how can you not tell the difference between one drum and bass song and another. and though i admit the guy in the background can get kinda annoying i like it. that dude is mc codebreaker btw.

On 7/16/2014 at 8:46 AM, Kalerney said:

I like Flashback FM, I loved it so much back in 2005 that I bought the Scarface soundtrack !

Now I tend to listen Head Radio more.


Least favorite : Game FM


And btw : me too I don't hear any difference between Rise and MSX, it's like one song played over and over and over ...

lol how the f*ck can no one tell the difference between trance and drum and bass like really? also i can't believe that everyone here thinks that all of both genres sound the same. like holy sh*t how much crack are y'all on?

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