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Death Note: The Last Note


Recommended Posts




1. Backwards


Shinigami Realm


Black water accumulated deep in the abandoned valleys. Dark clouds gathered atop the bleak mountain. Gusts of vicious wind forced across the peak where the grey-skinned Shinigami known as Ryuk sat, flossing pieces of mouldy apple out of his razor-like teeth. He lightly itched his large, yellow eyeballs; attempting not to touch his red irises. Suddenly, he noticed a pulsating object in the melting snow a few meters away from him. Slowly but sharply, Ryuk snatched it from the ground.


Ryuk knew instantly what it was, the object was a Death Note. Holding it up to his face, Ryuk noticed that the Death Note was different, normal Death Notes don't pulsate. He flicked the cover open and his face twisted into a smile of anticipation. The notebook, it had already had the rules written in English. Not only that but there were extra rules, ones that Ryuk had never seen before. He glanced upon a certain rule, "Any victim of a death note may be healed, brought back to life and returned to their place of death by simply having their name wrote in this Death Note backwards". An evil grin shot across Ryuk's tall but narrow face, immediately he grabbed an inked quill from the small pouch tied around his pointy hips and wrote " imagaY thgiL"...


2. Awakening


Human Realm


Light awoke on the damp floor of the rusty, forsaken Yellow Box Warehouse. He rubbed his hand across his head and noticed the blood-stains on his clothing. Quickly, he undone the top button of his shirt and gasped for breath, breathing slowly but heavily. He tried to stand up but fell back down to the ground, he had temporarily lost the feeling in his legs.


"What's going on?! How am I alive," Light shouted, shaking his head in disbelief. "Ryuk?! Near?! Fathe-" Light frowned as a single tear rolled down his face.


Memories whirled through Light's head, thoughts that all of the helpless victims that got in his way was for nothing, thoughts that he let his father die in vain. Rain water seeped through a crack in the warehouse roof down onto Light's face and clashed with the tear. Light paused his intrusive thoughts for a second and considered the his two main goals, to regain ownership of Death Note and to eliminate Near.


Just the thought of them two goals made Light shiver and shake with anticipation but he knew he could do neither of them unless a Shinigami accidentally dropped a notebook into the human realm. As Light had miraculously been revived and healed, he figured that Ryuk must have had something to do with it, and with an addiction to chaos like Ryuk's, Light knew that a notebook was bound to fall in front of him soon...


3. Anniversary


Misa lay back on her pink, comfortable bed. She reached for the TV remote and turned it to Sakura TV where a commercial was airing for Matsuda's best-selling book "How I captured Kira!" was airing. As the commercial ended, a TV special aired, marking the first anniversary of Kira's death. Misa hurled the remote at the television and stroked a picture frame at the side of her bed.

Inside the picture frame remained a picture of Misa and Light at pop concert. Misa pulled the photo out and kissed Light's face. She began to cry loudly and wildly, clutching the photo against her chest.


"I know you wasn't Kira, I know it," Misa cried out, tears quickly streaming down her smooth, feminine face and washing off her make-up, "No matter what you said, I know there's no way you could be him, it's impossible!". Misa rubbed her eyes, "I miss you Light, I'd do anything to see you one last time."


She rose up and dashed into her bathroom, scrubbing the tears off her face with a wet cloth. Being careful not to wet the photo of her and Light that she kept held against her chest with one hand. The cold water felt like heaven on her face that became hotter each time she even thought about forgiving Matsuda.


"Near forced you to admit to being Kira, he was going to kill you anyway, you had to lie, I know you had to," Misa's shouts became more frantic and heart-felt. Deep down, she knew that she couldn't forgive Matsuda or Near but on the other hand, that they did the right thing.


4. Portal


Shinigami Realm


Ryuk stared at the Death Note, wondering if it would be best to toss it back into the snow or whether to make more fun for himself. He strolled down the mountain path, his eyes shining with a mischievous glare. It had been a year since he had returned to the Shinigami Realm and boredom was beginning to take over Ryuk's emotions once again, he figured that it was time to feed both his excitement and his apple addictions. It was time for a trip back to the Human Realm known as Earth. Ryuk brushed the snow off his furry body and dashed further down the mountain towards the portal.


Ryuk was shocked to see that the portal had been sealed and access was blocked, he stood proudly on the sealed portal and let out an ear-piercing scream. Crows flew from the dead trees and circled the portal, clouds of darkness formed and lightning struck as the seal began to crack and shatter. Ryuk started to spiral through the portal into the Human Realm with his sharp wings opening. The scream continued to echo through all of the Shinigami Realm, notifying the other Shinigami of the seal's destruction. Ryuk knew that he needed to continued in his journey of chaos.


5. Friend


Human Realm


Ryuk flew through the city, holding the special Death Note in his hands. Slowly, he came to a halt atop on the tin roof of the Yellow Box Warehouse. He peeked through a gap that had rusted away and saw Light, still breathing heavily and trying to get up. Ryuk floated through the roof and stopped infront of Light.


As Ryuk tricked Near into destroying the fake Death Notes, Light still had his memories of being Kira and all of the events had happened during his time ownership of the Death Notes. Light instantly saw Ryuk.


"Ryuk," Light mumbled, ruffling his brown hair, anxiously wondering what was going on.


"Light, buddy, I've kind of missed you," Ryuk smiled happily.


"What happened," Light asked, stretching his legs.


"Well, I found a special Death Note that allows the owner to not just kill but to bring the Death Note victims back to life," Ryuk creepily grinned, dropping the special Death Note on the floor infront of Light. "Oops."


Light grabbed the special Death Note, making himself the owner. Ryuk gave Light a thumbs up and helped him up.


"I can feel my legs properly now, I still don't know, why did you bring me back?" Light asked, questioning Ryuk's possibly ulterior motives.


"I missed the chaos, I missed you, you were like my only friend and even though I didn't show it, I kind of liked you, a bit..." Ryuk spun his head around and danced merrily. "Now how about we discuss this further over maybe...some apples?".


Light let out a small laugh as his irises flickered from brown to red.


6. Flowers


Misa smiled as she placed a fresh bouquet of red and white roses around Light's grave, replacing the old flowers which had began to wither in the week that she hadn't been there.


"Sorry I couldn't make it here last week," Misa moaned, her silky, long blond hair blowing in the strong winds.


She zipped up her leather jacket and leaned on Light's headstone, comfortably. Carefully, she took her laptop out of her bag and loaded up a TV advert.


"Hey Light, look, this is my latest modelling job, are you proud?" Misa asked, stroking Light's gravestone.


She pressed play on the laptop and pointed it to the gravestone, the advert was short and it mainly focused on Misa dancing around energetically in front of a water fountain that somehow became an advertisement for line of feminine hygiene products. She seemed very proud of it although it only lasted a few seconds.


"So whatcha think, you like it Light? Aww, I knew you would," Misa kissed Light's headstone, almost as though she knew his answer which to be honest, probably would have been "I don't really care," although she took it as a "yes,".


Trees shook calmly as the breeze grew less vicious and Misa closed the laptop screen down and placed it back in her bag.


7. Discussions


Light and Ryuk perched on the end of the pier, eating apples while the sunlight beamed down on them and reflected in the clear waters below him.


"Mmmm, these apples are so good! I've missed them," Ryuk laughed while Light smirked.


"I need to know something, if you brought me back to life, wouldn't you die like Rem did when she affected a lifespan?" Light questioned.


"Whilst I was still in the Human Realm, the Great Shinigami King was assassinated and replaced by a new Shinigami. The new Shinigami King is nowhere near as strict as the old one, he even let me leave the Human Realm with the old notebooks even though the not all of the owners have died. I knew that he would let me off if I only brought one human back to life, so I chose you," Ryuk sni**ered.


"Wait, then if you could leave without killing the owners, why did you kill me," Light asked, demanding an immediate answer.


"I didn't want to see you suffer in prison, I chose to kill you myself because I thought the new Shinigami King would allow you to become a Shinigami just like me so we could hang out in the Shinigami Realm together."


"Thank you, me being killed was a huge advantage. If I wasn't killed, I would still be in prison or being tortured. Now I know that Near thinks I am dead so he won't be investigating the Kira case anymore so if I am more careful, I can avoid getting caught this time."


Light took out his Death Note and scanned the various added rules, laughing evilly and flashing his irises.


8. Criminal


Tenshi cracked his fingers and punched the blindfolded male cop tied to his table. Tenshi ripped the cop's shirt off and began to carve his name into the police officer's chest with a blunt knife. The victim cried in pain as his skin began to tear and the knife forced its way into his chest.


"Tell me what you know," Tenshi ordered.


"The Japanese Task Force know everything Kazuma, your days of crime are over. If only Kira was here today, you'd already be dead," The cop shouted in pain.


"Oh really? Kira didn't know my real name so I guess not," Tenshi jabbed the blunt knife into the cop's jugular vein, coating the torture room in bright red blood. "I'd better get out of here soon!".


Tenshi's apartment was surrounded before he even put the blunt knife down. Police officers bashed the door down and stormed into the apartment, armed with guns which is a rarity for Japanese police officers. Quickly, Tenshi shattered his window with the knife and dove out, landing in a dumpster, many floors below. He let out a sigh of relief to not have any broken bones or be seen by the police officers that were so keen to have him arrested.


9. Safety


Light tore a scrap of paper out of his Death Note and placed it inside his watch as he had done with the previous Death Notes.


"Your intelligence didn't die with you I see," Ryuk giggled.


"I need to stay safe, if anything happens to the Death Note, I need to have a backup to get it back," Light confirmed, locking the watch's secret compartment back up. "Wait, could I write my father's name in this thing backwards?".


"Uh, no, sorry, Mello and his gang killed your father, not a Death Note," Ryuk explained.




10. Thief


Light and Ryuk slowly walked down the dark alleyway, on the route to Light's apartment. Tenshi carefully crawled out of a nearby dumpster and began to follow Light from the shadows.


"A young adult like that, walking alone, carrying a notebook, he's bound to have some money on him," Tenshi thought, taking the knife out of his shirt and charging at Light.


Tenshi pinned Light against a dirty wall, holding the knife against his throat.


"Drop the notebook and give me your money, now," Tenshi demanded, watching Light do exactly as he asked.


Light handed Tenshi all of the money that he had in his jeans pockets. Tenshi let go of Light and threw him to the ground, the notebook caught Tenshi's attention. He gazed upon the front cover which read 'Death Note'.


"This can't be real, no way, it's a myth! You can't be Kira," Tenshi stuttered, grabbing the notebook and running away.


Tenshi looked back to see Ryuk following him, Tenshi gasped at seeing the humanoid figure behind him, he ran even faster while Ryuk turned away and stumbled back over to Light.


"Ryuk, I need that man's name! Quickly, before he gets away," Light angrily ordered.


"The new Great Shinigami King refuses to let Shinigami give out names without making the eye deal, you'd have to make the eye deal to find out," Ryuk answered.


"Then it looks like I'm going to have to find out his name on my own," Light replied.


11. Test


Tenshi crouched in the empty bus stop shelter, avoiding the heavy rainfall and thinking to himself. He took out his black smartphone and loaded up a news website, he scrolled through until he saw a headline that read, "Deputy Chief Mikhail Grande leads the search for major criminal Kazuma Wakahisa", Tenshi looked at the photo of Mikhail. He scoured the bus shelter, finally finding a pen beside a lottery ticket on the floor. Tenshi carefully wrote the Deputy Chief's name in the Death Note with a rather strange cause of death to test exactly how far the notebook can go.

He laughed uncontrollably, closing the internet application on his mobile phone and switching it to the timer application. He waited, filling with excitement and anticipation. The timer struck forty seconds and he switched back to the internet application. Tenshi waited for a few more minutes before refreshing the news page to see a new breaking headline, "Deputy Chief Mikhail Grande struck by lightning during a raid on the home of major criminal, Kazuma Wakahisa,"


12. N


Near sat on the his in front of his television, waving a toy train around with one hand and stacking up dices with the other. A breaking news broadcast shown up on the television, explaining the recent events regarding the Deputy Chief's death. Near immediately dropped the train and toppled the dices, listening carefully to the broadcast.


Near played with his short white hair and twirled his fingers through it as he tried to concentrate heavily on the broadcast, dozens of theories flew through his mind all at once until he began to narrow them down leaving him with one possible theory that may save the world.


"This, this is no coincidence, I can tell. Lightning doesn't just randomly strike someone through a building, it's probably impossible. Especially for it to strike just after the heavy rain started with no warning, that's strange. Especially when the Deputy Chief was about to capture or at least find more evidence against a major criminal. No, that isn't a coincidence at all. But people can't just cause someone to be killed like that, unless they have a Death Note. But Ryuk promised that he would never return to, or drop a Death Note into, the Human Realm..."

Edited by Vice President
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Spoilers ahoy.

Ryuk is always smiling, as far as I can remember, I don't think his face would "drop" or have changing emotions. And I thought that a Shinigami isn't supposed to interfere with the real life, that's why that one Shinigami who was protecting Misa perished, because he killed her attacker and then perished for interring. I mean, Light having the Death Note was sort of an accident and Ryuk was just hanging back for the most part.


Anyway, if you liked Death Note, I suggest you check out Code Geass, its kind of a similar premise as DN.

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Huge thanks for the advice, I gave the chapter an edit. I thought the Shinigami were allowed to interfere but they weren't allowed to save the human when their life is due to end, if Light was already dead then he wouldn't have a lifespan to save but he could be revived as his new life would be classed as a separate lifespan. If I got that lifespan thing wrong then I apologize, still, the rest of the story depends on Ryuk reviving Light. :D


I'll start watching Code Geass soon :)

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Sorry for the double post,


Updated the main post with chapter 2, I'm going to post chapter 3-10 tomorrow as I got quite a lot done today but to save triple posting I won't make another post to say it tomorrow :) Feedback is still hugely appreciated ;)

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