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.:The Skateboard Topic:.

The Odyssey

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ill ask you murdoc since you're most likely to know, will i notice the difference between a 14 wheelbase and a 15? looked up the last few boards ive ridden and theyve all been 14/14.25. looking at this death which is a 15




just hoping 15 wouldnt f*ck me up too bad. gonna get some 55 bones stf v5s too. have some flicks of a sweeper, love that trick





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Longer wheelbase is usually for higher speed transition/park type skating and shorter is better for tech and street stuff.


Probably won't take long to get used to either way.


I like that deck.



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Thanks dude, I tend to skate more park/transition than I do ledges/fliptricks plus flipping an 8.5 for more than a kickflip is hard :lol: Gonna have to get some new wheels too, so many new wheels out there now f*cking STF V1 V2 V3 V4 55 SPF Formula Four Conical Full Conical Half Conical Classic etc etc, leaning towards some 55mm STF v5s though. Never had a Death board although I always for the most part try and buy UK deck companies so its a good shout, and Dave Allen is a rad as f*ck skater.




Sharing this cus it's a rad as f*ck video and it gets me hyped.

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these stfs are so slippy i was cruising down the street did the first powerslide, slipped out and bruised my coccyx gg bones



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Ha, yeah they're rock hard.


I need something slippy like that but as big a diameter as possible.

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Moderator locked my old topic apparently because I posted it in general off-topic chat instead of digging around the forums to find a specific skateboard chat, so I'll have to repost this here.


Hey all! So I have a question that I'm hoping could be answered by fellow skaters. I used to ride my skateboard a lot when I was younger (like when I was 10-12 years or so) until I wiped out really hard and never got back on again. I used to be actually decent for my age. Now I'm 17 and I decided that I was going to get back on, only to find out that I can't even stand on the damn thing anymore. I used to cruise on my skateboard all over the place for hours on end, throwing in the occasional manual or trick attempt here and there. I loved skateboarding, but at such a young age and to have had such a bad wipeout, it sort of psyched me out and I never got back on. It sucks now because my passion for skateboarding is burning once again, but I can barely get on it anymore. I went to the skatepark a week ago with a friend who skateboards because he said he could teach me. Well, he kinda isn't a good teacher. He's wanting me to drop into bowls and other hard stuff when I can barely stand on the board. I'm telling him he's trying to have my fly before I can crawl, that I'll get around to doing that stuff once I'm comfortable on the board and am able to ride it around like I used to. However, for whatever reason I'm having trouble with that part, and when I try to have him explain to me how to ride it, his words of wisdom are essentially "just do it". So I came here looking for guidance, tips, essentially anything that can help me be able to just ride the board again. My stance is goofy footed. I don't necessarily think that balancing is my main problem, although it is a part of it. When I try to ride the board, it feels like all the weight is in my knees and like my legs are trembling/about to buckle because I'm trying so hard not to fall, like I'm not relaxed on the board. When I try to push, I have difficulty rotating my front foot on the board. Probably once again a comfort thing. Because I can't turn my front foot on the board when I go to push, my front foot doesn't go sideways when cruising like my back foot and it doesn't go forward like it is supposed to when I push, it just sits kinda between the two. I hear some people say there is no trick or skill to riding a skateboard, that you just have to get on it and after so much time you'll just be able to do it. I'm not so sure if that's correct or not. Anyways, I'm looking for some guidance from fellow skaters. Any teachings, help, tips, or tricks that you can give to me to make it so I can ride the board again would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Rodney Mullen will always be my favorite skater, that dude is the reason why I started skating when I was a kid. I also like how I can go years without touching a skateboard but still be able to bust all the same tricks that I could do back then. Lol some things stick for life





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Rodney Mullen is one of my favourite skaters too. I haven't really watched so many skate videos during the last few years but several years ago I watched several of Rodney Mullens videos and before that he was one of the skaters I usually used when playing free game in the Tony Hawk's series. Already when I played THPS2 and 3 I thought he was such an awesome skater with his darkslides, caspers and manuals. And he can execute very complicated flip tricks and freestyle tricks that I haven't seen other skaters do. And you can see Rodney Mullen do semi-flips and kickflip underflips that are so cool. He's probably the most skilled skateboarder ever. One reason I haven't watched Rodney Mullen so much lately is because he's been more silent during later years. I don't think he has been in skate videos so often any more. I recently watched one clip of Rodney Mullen from 2016 though and it seemed like he was just as good as before. He's born in 1966 by the way.


My favourite street skateboarder is Jamie Thomas. He's in his 40s now but I don't think he has slowed down that much yet. In his part in Zero Cold War (2013) he still skated long gaps and grinded long rails and so on. His parts in "Welcome to Hell" and "Zero Misled Youth" are legendary, but my favourite part of him is his the part from "Zero Dying to Live". I have watched that part many times.

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Anyone watching Viceland's Epicly Later'd?


It is pretty great. It is a docu-series about skateboarders and people in the industry. So far Ive watched Bam Margera, Spike Jonze, and Heath Kirchart. I have been out of skateboarding for a long time, I had no idea Heath Kirchart retired and just travelled the world doing crazy things like trying to sail from LA to the sea of Cortez.

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been watching epicly latered for years when it was just on vice, i feel like now it's went to viceland they're pushing it more like a reality f*cking show than anything else, like that whole setup with Andy Roy and the Consolidated dues on Roy's epicly laterd was f*ckin weird. the dylan rieder (nearly a year for him already f*ck) one is pretty solid, as is the ali boulala one albeit somewhat emotional. also enjoyed fred gall's one, ricky oyola too.


as for saying mullen is the most "skilled" skateboarder ever thats a pretty far out statement, i'm in no way trying to go out and demean him as he is f*cking good but lets face it the reality is he's been doing those exact tricks for at this point decades on end without much else inbetween; never seen any transition footage, any proper ledge stuff etc. for "most skilled" i'd be saying someone who's well rounded on everything; street, tranny, skating switch and doing it all fast and well ie ishod wair although for me i'd say the most skilled skater i enjoy watching is grant taylor; always seems the faster he goes the more in control he is.





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I have a question, and isn't meant to offend or cause an offensive conversation, but I can see how it might be taken that way, so please just take it as a neutral question.

Is there some aspect of skateboarding that you're not interested in and that you have a hard time understanding why other riders choose to focus on it?

I have a friend who is street through and through, and he thinks mini ramps are kiddish. I emphatically disagree, I love mini ramps, but I accept his viewpoint. On the other hand, for me, I don't get the fascination with handrail and ledge grinds. Don't get me wrong, I get that there's high technical skill involved and I've seen some truly badass grinds—usually on unconventional rails, such as long rails or curved rails (think Eric Koston in Yeah Right! on the spiral staircase)—but for the most part, for whatever reason, they don't do anything for me visually.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have never gained much out of flatground skating to the point I can (not to blow my own horn or anything) do some pretty solid tricks on transition that I've got props from some of the sponsored people around here for doing yet even some basic flatground tricks elude me; cannot heelflip at all, bs 180s and frontside pop shove's are sketchy as sh*t, I can kickflip but even then it's not the most consistent trick and my switch/nollie game is barely existent. I just never really skate flatground as spending hours and hours trying the same trick over and over on flat is imo boring to me. Always preferred skating ramps/transition and being able to go fast, carve transitions, hold grinds on the coping and so forth.


Of course that does come with some downsides, for example I do not do well in games of skate and if we go to skate street spots like stairs I only really have a handful of tricks I can do down it. It is nice to learn new tricks on flat but I prefer tricks to just come to me and I'll go from there, for example I recently learned fs 360's on flatground just from accidentally popping too much on a 5050 fs 180 out and thinking "Hey I could probably 360 on flat".


I don't really judge anyone based on what they prefer to skate but one thing that irks me is people getting what I'd say is "too tech" on mini ramps, for example treating the coping like a ledge or doing those odd coping dances or other eccentricities - god knows I'm guilty of tricks like that ie layback fs rock and roll slides, fakie 180 rock body varial reverts, fakie fs 180 rock n roll, fakie bs 180 fs rock n roll, fs slash reverts etc, stuff that's a little different to do and kinda sets you apart but when someones entire repertoire of tricks is this oddball sh*t to make up for a lack of actual tricks then it's just strange.


With handrails I'd imagine it's more the adrenaline and conquering the fear than an actual trick, for me visually too I don't get much out of _____ _____ doing a _________ down xx stair rail and while I can appreciate the skill, commitment and general gnar of hopping up on a rail like that after a while seeing it just gets boring. That being said Milton Martinez lipslide that went viral recently is f*cking nuts:



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  • 2 months later...

homie just liked my post so here's my current setup




8.5 politic danny renaud

thunder 149s

spitfire f4 conical 54mm 99d

mini logo bearings

pig risers

jessup grip

indy bolts


putting off buying new trucks for as long as possible

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On 6/6/2020 at 8:06 AM, Blaze said:

Heavily debating this for when the world is back to normal.





Hey, now’s the best time to skate. All the groms at the public parks are out of the f*cking way because their Karen mums have them locked indoors so they don’t catch the kung flu, and everyone is working from home so there’s no peds blocking street spots. Basically have everything to yourself, it’s great

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