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.:The Skateboard Topic:.

The Odyssey

Recommended Posts



You should give a listen to either Rodney Mullen on TedTalk or Poptech;




The amount of passion he has is amazing and the way he translates skateboarding to other parts of your life is fantastic and very thought-provoking.

Really weird, I just watched that vid for the first time the other day.




I just love that era. Anything from 94-02 is just the best.

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  • 2 months later...

got me upset in the end when it's showing him unable to kickflip anymore


heres some happiness; the perfect combo of asscheeks and skateboards



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this one is from one of my favorite videos (one of my favorite video because ironically its where im from lol)



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dc? recognize some of those sports from reese forbes and ricky oyola in eastern exposure 3


my top 5 parts in no real order are


harold hunter zoo york mixtape

grant taylors soty vid

dustin dollin baker 2g

atiba jefferson chomp on this

brandon westgate stay gold

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yeah those Antihero vids are the sickest, if you havent check out Destination Unknown. watched that sh*t everyday for a solid month Grant Taylor is an animal. Robbie Russo went pro for Antihero recently.


I think Sam Tabor and the whole revive thing are a bunch of melts but w/e if people enjoy it then its cool




now this is my kinda sh*t

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Tabor doesn't do much actual skating now, he's just a brand like most of Revive.


They do have some excellent skaters though. Johnny Geiger and Jason Park are insufferable but they are great at skating, the former being technically brilliant and the later having a very creative style. Max Mayberry is good too. Aaron Kyro is annoying but an excellent skateboarder.


I do like some of the older We Want Revenge videos. It's just a bunch of lads enjoying skateboarding, which I've not done for probably ten years now.

Edited by Failure
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When they're not being absolutely cringey f*cknuts they are incredibly good at skating it's just their personalities makes me want to brick myself in the face. If I'm watching skating I want just raw skating not twenty seconds of skating and the rest a vlog.


i really like all of bill strobecks new stuff too those supreme kids have really nice styles and while trick wise some of it is basic it looks damn good





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  • 3 weeks later...

Considering picking up a pair of Half Cabs next time I go shopping. Are they any good? I currently wear Fallen Roach's and they just don't do it for me.




They flop around on my foot a lot and they're just awkward to wear in general. Seriously the day I bought 'em I went back to the park, skated around a bit, and switched back to my trashed Reynolds 3s.


Edited by Willplanb_
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Half Cabs are sick I got a good 3 months out of mine here's a front lip ft some half cabs





and a wallie too bc wallies r so hot rite now




and a random gap to boardslide on some wobbly barrier from like two years ago, no half cabs though i had adidas busenitz at the time






nah half cabs are good aslong as you get suede ones I had these ft my old palace board






f*ck me i need another pair of those

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I also wouldn't mind getting another pair of Reynold's. One of the best shoes I've ever skated. Lasted me a year (including wearing them throughout the winter).

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i usually get a good 2 months before the sole goes and 3 if im lucky


only shoe ive had where the uppers went before the sole were janoskis

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so many people having a bitch "Hurrr he grabbed it" "he was wearing protection underneath" dude ollied off some sh*t that looks like the size of my house and he did that multiple f*cking times

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People will complain about anything and everything, especially when they have absolutely no chance of ever performing the feat themselves.

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  • 1 month later...

have some sh*tty iphone flicks since i got back into skating in the last week


blurry f*ckin sweeper




feebs fakie




back smithy



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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 weeks later...

There's a tool for that.

I just made my own actually.


Though I usually run softer wheels these days, much easier to swap bearings.

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Just started 2 weeks ago on Viceland (TV Channel not youtube)

Teams this year - Birdhouse, Chocolate and Toy Machine and yes Jaws in it


Edited by feckyerlife
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  • 2 weeks later...

they're tech as f*ck and do some cool sh*t but for the most part i think youtube/vlog skaters are pretty whack unless its grossos loveletters to skateboarding



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I don't mind Majer as they tend to stick to skating, but you're right about most Vloggers.

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  • 5 weeks later...

This monstrosity really has come a long way from its "concept stage".


Earliest iteration:ph1jHiR.jpg






















Continued below...

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Most recent form:






















































And yes, I ride this thing.

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