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[XBOX] Rooftop Rumble Hosting & Requests


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If anyone is hosting soon let me know. Just got the game for xbox so trying to rank up and get money, I do have a mic. GT: mattoak1 thanks in advance

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Ok I know rooftops suck a$$ now but i will be hosting some for an hour or 2 so message ingame if you want in

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Hosting some rooftops. None of this waiting bullsh*t for more money an rp. Anyone with half a brain knows you waste time waiting when it could be spent on a next mission. Dont like my rules dont waste my time. Message in game if interested

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Hey guys looking for anyone hosting rooftop rumble i know what im doing so nothing to worry about. Add and msg Badiali93 on xbox thankd

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Send me a message on Live if you're interested in joining in on some mission grinding.


GT: KinglyCheese


Mic preferred, no horsin' around.


Also, if a good mission such as Titan of a Job or another well paying mission shows up in the voting screen, I'd like the hammer those out as well and fly through some money grabbing.


Let's make some cash and have some fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Please unpin these 2 RR hosting threads. The only people who host RR are idiots, post 1.16, and the rest of us are sick to death of this f*cking mission.


In fact please replace them with "Contact Mission Hosting" meet up threads, that'd be nice?

Edited by Gridl0k
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OK XBox 360 RR fans ... I am back to hosting mornings, some afternoons, and evenings


I run constant RR back to back to back


I run a clean group who work together !!


Mics are optional as I use my kinect currently as my headset broke and I need a new one.


add smokin4ribdude if you wish to run in my group if spots are open !!!



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Tips to get more money


When someone has collected the documents, don't hand it in yet. Roam around for 5 mins then get who ever has the documents to hand them in.


If you wait about 5 mins after collecting the documents then you will get over 20,000 rather than doing it normally which would give you about 13,000.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm hosting A Titan of a Job/Bust Out for the next few hours. I usually make over 30k running these 2 missions back to back, takes a max of 20 minutes. Message me and I'll invite you.


Gamertag: thylordtacos

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