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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

[XBOX] Rooftop Rumble Hosting & Requests


Recommended Posts


NOTE: The directions below have not been updated lately, but I will make some changes and of course any input is appreciated.


Suggestion for using this topic:


- If you can't host and need to join someone, I would suggest you follow this topic (to see when people say they can host) or message some of the people who have stated they can host.

- If you can host, I would suggest you post on here the time (and time zone) you plan to host. Please ask people to message you directly to keep the clutter here down to a minimum. If you want to be added to the host list, please let me (cookiemonster79) know.


Mission Preparation:

- If you have a mic, would be great if you talk -- doing this mission over and over is boring, so talking helps make it interesting. Mic not required just read my other hints below.


- Make sure your car is unlocked for everyone, that way people can just hop in cars without waiting


- At the load screen (when you get ammo) make sure you pick the right "staring weapon", not a big issue but keeps you from having to change guns


Running the mission:


- Look at the pic below. Run over to these bushes and try your best to jump up at the same time with others (so everyone is shooting at the same time which helps reduce the chance of anyone getting killed). Don't actually jump into the parking garage, just stand on the bushes. You can also just use RPGs / grenade launcher to clear everyone out since you don't have to worry about blowing up the package anymore.


- After everyone is killed, two more cars will come up and you can destroy them but at this point your focus should be on getting the package.


- Make sure you do NOT destroy the car with the package. Don't use your AP pistol or any other weapon that might blow the car up, since the package will be destroyed and you will fail the mission.


- Once you get the package, take it to the drop-off point. No one will chase you.


After Mission
- Everyone vote your opinion, click "A" to "Continue", and vote "Free Mode" IMMEDIATELY.
- If your host is doing this mission over and over, make sure you pay attention to the invite and accept quickly. As a host, I will not wait long before I invite others or just continue without you.







NOTE: For users that are willing to host, the GT is a link to xbox.com so you can see if they are online and playing GTA


Can Host






Rob 7T






Jason Kinnison

revivemelastrit - Free Aim Only. Mic optional, mention you want to use mic when you PM host.


(GTAF) WTFThisIsntWii - PM on the forums. Mic preferred not required. If you mess up you will be kicked.



Limenstein PhD

SumSkittles - auto aim, prefer mics

Rooftop Rumble

LUNATICZ0R - Must use $1000 Merryweather helicopter (take turns getting it) pickup to deliver package, no driving

Yep I'm that guy - Send your GT via PM. Mic not required. Use helicopter (host will call). No one level 75+

Erich1195 - No BS or freeloaders






Slask Snopp
Cheezy Squash
stidge uk


Needs Host (No longer updating this section - names removed)


If you also play PS3, check out this other post http://gtaforums.com/topic/688617-ps3-rooftop-rumble-host-request-sessions-here/

Edited by cookiemonster79
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I sent everyone above a friend request, and already ran some sessions tonight. We actually had enough people that I was running one group (playing over and over) and one of the guys above ran another group.

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Ran some more sessions today... I have everyone above this post on a list, and will message you when I am hosting. If you are willing to host let me know (in case I get more than 3 people) or post your GT here.

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