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Your top missions.

Recommended Posts


Here is my top 5:


1. Blood Brothers


2. Uncle Vlad


3. A Dish Served Cold


4. The Holland Play


5. Holland NIghts



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Off the top of my head, I'll say my top 5 are..


- Three Leaf Clover (without a freakin doubt! It's awesome and one of the best ever GTA missions imo!)

- The Snow Storm (love this mission)

- No. 1 (I love racing, so all the other racing missions are just as awesome)

- A Dish Served Cold

- Deconstruction for Beginners

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Rebel Yell

1. Blow Your Cover: The raw atmosphere in that crappy apartment really made me think I'm a heroin slinger that is about to be in the can.


2. Three Leaf Clover: A great story behind an action-packed, ill-fated heist. What else can I say?


3. The Snow Storm: Action. Lots of action. When doing the mission for the first time, I remember I was only with a bit red flashing health on the radar (I tried to make my way quick outside the hospital, too much quick), so I jumped quick in the Bobcat, try to shake the cops on my tail. I think it was the most adrealine pumped moment of mine in GTA IV, I live this action pack every time, I play this mission (even, not having a little health).


4. To Live And Die In Alderney: One of the best missions in my time. Suddenly cops show out, you keep being chased by Feds and cops, til' Phil stops in an alleyway, all men throw bags of smack on their shoulders and fight with hardening NOOSE teams to make their way. Sometimes, made me feel similar thing as I felt during "Three Leaf Clover", yeah, "To Live And Die In Alderney" is one of my top favourite missions.


5. The Master And The Molotov: No matter, how much play this game, I always have such a fire in my heart. Besides that unforgettable firefight in Perestroika, I become both angry and tender towards Mikhail. I become angry because Mikhail brought this on himself (if he didn't go so much hostile towards Petrovic [he even killed his son, WTF!?], there won't be so much problem in my opinion). At the same time, I feel worry for him because the world's a c*nt and Mikhail is killed his best friend on this way. Everytime, I put Mikhail out of misery, I feel these things. And that f*cking dialogue, carved in my brains. "You betrayed yourself, Mr.Faustin".

Edited by TheUnholy

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1. Three Leaf Clover - Great mission and probably the best in the game. Has it all, action, fun, somewhat realistic.


2. The Snow Storm - Took me a few times to complete it first time I played it as kept getting lost in the ruins, but still alot of fun when you knew where to go.


3. Truck Hustle - Most unique mission perhaps in the game due to what you have to do during the mission.


4. Meltdown - Look for someone who ripped you off. Plus the execution is pretty fun to do.


5. Cousin Bellic - Yes its the 1st mission but I also remember the excitment I had when I played it for the first time and a mission that stands out for me.

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Three Leaf Clover was my fav mission. The dialouge and cut scenes are funny.


Introduced me to my fav weapon the Carbine. It also opened up Alderney on completion.

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Algonquin Assassin

Excluding Three Leaf Clover as it's a fairly common choice..


1) Museum Piece.


2) Blow Your Cover.


3) Truck Hustle.


4) To Live And Die In Alderney.


5) Late Checkout.

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Well this game did have it's gems but I wish there would have been vehicle action missions like in GTA San Andreas:


1. Three Leaf Clover - May not be consider a heist IMO because it wasn't really involved. But hell, this was the peak of GTA IV when it came to missions. My problem though is that in the end, the mission gives you wanted level and at the same time tells you to go back to packie's house, this is a bad move because it makes the wanted level pointless when you could just go back to the house and pass the mission.


2. A Dish Served Cold - Man love this mission.


3. Late Checkout - While not an epic mission, going to a hotel is quite unique and also there is an alternate method in which you can complete this mission that doesn't change the structure but just reverses it.


4. Museum Piece - Seeing the three protagonist at once was pretty great to see. Great shootout overall and being in a museum is gold.


5. Trespass - A very underrated mission and better than any other Phil mission IMO.

Edited by peluche503

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