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The Sons Of Anarchy Are Recruiting !

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Fear the Reaper" and "Ride Free or Die" PS3 Crew

The sons of anarchy are are seeking active riders with the passion of both bikes and bullets.

If you are looking for a fun , 24/7 active crew then the SOA Brotherhood is for you !

After all, the essence of a good motorcycle Crew is Brotherhood right !

The sons Of Anarchy PS3X currently hold over 100 dedicated and talented patched Brothers and sisters and run a 4 chapter strong empire on GTA5 online

The officers are presidents are dedicated to making each and every members gaming experience as fun and exciting as possible and all of our members

stay active and are willing to run missions or do jobs to help you boost your skills,

unlock parts for your vehicles, make some money, or just to help you level up.

We actively hold Fight Club Championships and Team Deathmatch Tournaments.

We design and promote custom Jobs (Races, Deathmatch) created by us using the online GTAV Content Creator.

And also hold frequent crew and chapter activities such as our own SOA Rooftop Rumble and Man hunts and much more more .

We have our own SOA webpage , Facebook pages , Youtube channel , a twitter page in development and even an instagram ! So whatever gets you off i guarantee we will not disappoint .

All of our members are loyal to our SOA patch and all we ask of you is your trust,

loyalty, respect and a motorcycle.

All we need now is you , you and YOU !!!!

Join the SOAPS3X Crew by requesting an invite to our Prospects crew

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Oh, you guys are on PS3? I'm with the SOA Nomad Charter on Xbox. If only for cross platform play.....:(

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Well maybe if you guys come to your senses and buy a decent console we could play together some day haha =P jk x Cross platform would be an awesome idea . On a more serious note , if you do ever get a ps come find us x

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Black & White

Hey, man. I'm sure the Irish Anarchists MC will be interested in rolling with the SOA. Considering you guys actually stick. I've seen a dozen SOA crews come and go on these forums.

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The irish anarchists are welcome to come ride with us whenever hunni as long as they are friendlies and will not crew kill x We could meet and see if our crews get along if you want ? My personal profile on social club is http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/peach10 so hit me up sometime x

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