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GTANet Annual Awards 2013 Winners


Recommended Posts




GTA Awards

Best GTA Topic of 2013
Winner: Drunken Cowboy "The Identity Crisis: The Problems with V's story."

Best Concept Story
Winner: PooyanCyrus "Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate"

Most Helpful - GTA
Winner: @GTAKid667 + @mo-seph +
2nd: Kirsty 3rd: lil weasel + Otter

Most Knowledgeable - GTA
Winner: @Ash_735
2nd: SonOfLiberty 3rd: Andreas + Spuds725

Best Fanmade Video
Winner: GTA V Gameplay Trailer - Niko's Dramatic Reaction

Best Snapmatic - Character
Winner: Johnny Playert "Smoking Santa"

Best Snapmatic - Vehicle
Winner: coach_wargo "Buccaneer Explosion"

Best Snapmatic - Scenery
Winner: Rewas514 "North Yankton Nights"

Worst Fanboy
2nd: redx165 3rd: RockstarFanboy

Worst Troll
Winner: @theNGclan
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: Girl Next Door + greenrock

Multiplayer Awards

Best Crew/Gang
Winner: D1RTY12
2nd: The Yardies
3rd: Angels of Death MC

Best Upcoming Crew/Gang
Winner: Red Rum Racing
2nd: Academi PMC 3rd: Soul Reapers MC


Most Skilled Player
Winner: @AndyGanteks
2nd: o Mr Punchy o 3rd: enjoithepain


Best Event

Winner: GTAF Gang League 2013 + PS3 Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay

Best Crew/Gang Snapmatics
Winner: The Yardies

Best Social Club Emblem
Winner: The Yardies

Modding Awards

Best Vehicle
Winner: III Aircraft

Best Map
Winner: ViceCityStories PC Edition

Best Script
Winner: Design Your Own Mission

Best Tool
Winner: Sanny Builder

Best Texture/Model
Winner: SRt3 2012 Mipmap Edition

Design Your Own Mission - Mission of the Year
Winner: GTA V to SA + Max Parker

Most Helpful - Modding
2nd: PatrickW 3rd: Wesser

Most Talented - Modding
2nd: _DK 3rd: PatrickW

Member Awards

Best New Member
Winner: @Biohazard Abyss
2nd: Vlynor 3rd: WBaker

Funniest Member
Winner: @Stu
2nd: Jolly SWAGman 3rd: Voodoo

Most Improved
Winner: @Raavi
2nd: Andreas 3rd: Antagonista + GTAKid667 + Kalvin

Most Respected
Winner: @Tank
2nd: Kirsty 3rd: sivispacem

Most Helpful
Winner: @Kirsty
2nd: sivispacem 3rd: Girish + GTAKid667 + lil weasel + Raavi + Shoumic + SilentPL + Spuds725

Best Returning Member
Winner: @Panz
2nd: blitz 3rd: GTAKid667

Member You'd Most Like To Unban
Winner: Zee
2nd: Slamman 3rd: *MURDOC*

Best Topic of 2013
Winner: Liquid_Snake_LosSantos "Cool things you didn't know about."

Special Awards

Biggest Drama Queen
Winner: @theadmiral
2nd: A J 3rd: AceKingston

Biggest Spammer
Winner: @theadmiral
2nd: greenrock 3rd: Biohazard Abyss

Worst Username
Winner: •¿F¡ññ4L¡ƒ£?•
2nd: niko bellic half brother + TheWomenBeater 3rd: Fluttershy Pony

Worst Topic Creator
Winner: @greenrock
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: universetwisters

Greatest Asset to McDonald's
Winner: + @universetwisters
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: sivispacem

Creepiest Member
Winner: @universetwisters
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: Girl_Next_Door

Most Likely To Be Arrested For Cyber Bullying
Winner: @GunWrath
2nd: Daz 3rd: theadmiral

Most Annoying Member
Winner: @theadmiral
2nd: redx165 3rd: SonOfLiberty

Member You'd Most Like To Ban
Winner: @theadmiral
2nd: GunWrath 3rd: redx165

Biggest Asskisser
Winner: @Kalvin
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: AceKingston + GunWrath

Strangest Appearance
Winner: @universetwisters
2nd: theadmiral 3rd: cidamelo

Worst Conspiracy Theorist
Winner: @GrandMaster Smith
2nd: universetwisters 3rd: Prometheus

Unfunniest Member
Winner: @theadmiral
2nd: The Leviathan + Voodoo 3rd: Fluttershy Pony

Who Took the Awards Most Seriously Last Year
Winner: @The Leviathan
2nd: A J 3rd: Adriaan

Off-Topic Contribution Awards

Most Knowledgeable - Gaming
Winner: @meta187
2nd: Daz 3rd: Andreas + Secura + Tycek

Most Knowledgeable - Technology
Winner: @NTAuthority + @Wolf68k +
2nd: sivispacem 3rd: ClaudeSpeedRulez

Most Knowledgeable - Web Development/Programming
Winner: @K^2
2nd: NTAuthority 3rd: trip

Most Knowledgeable - Movies & TV
Winner: @darthYENIK
2nd: Dnero + Flynny + Indi + Moonshield + Tycek 3rd: GunWrath

Most Knowledgeable - Music
2nd: Dnero 3rd: Kippers

Most Knowledgeable - Sports
2nd: Bull12345Bull + Max + rhyn + Waddy 3rd: AndyGanteks + Flynny + NathanT + Nycki + Seddo

Most Knowledgeable - Vehicles
Winner: @sivispacem
2nd: Tycek 3rd: The Yokel

Expression Awards

Most Helpful - Expression
Winner: @GunWrath
2nd: Graven 3rd: Dnero

Most Talented GFX Artist
Winner: @Graven
2nd: GunWrath 3rd: Narcis_speed6

Avatar of the Year
Winner: Andreas "Daft Punk"

Signature of the Year
Winner: Shoumic "Avengers"

Photograph/Picture of the Year
Winner: ???? "California"

Best Story/Poem
Winner: Mokrie Dela "The Storm"

Most Talented Writer
Winner: @Mokrie Dela
2nd: Ziggy455 3rd: Coat.

Best Debater
Winner: @sivispacem
2nd: lil weasel + theadmiral 3rd: SagaciousKJB

Worst Avatar
Winner: Acky. "Chavs"

OGA Awards

Best Group
Winner: Andolini Mafia Family
2nd: Zaibatsu 3rd: The Connection

Worst Group
Winner: Zaibatsu
2nd: The Precinct 3rd: Feroci Racing

Best Member in a Group
Winner: @Panz
2nd: Voodoo 3rd: trip

Worst Member in a Group
Winner: @GunWrath
2nd: D4 Damager 3rd: Voodoo

Staff Awards

Best Senior Moderator
Winner: @Moonshield
2nd: adamcs 3rd: Waddy

Best Moderator
Winner: @Kirsty
2nd: SonOfLiberty 3rd: Girish + Otter

Best Forum Ledby
Winner: @Raavi
2nd: WBaker 3rd: Andreas + lil weasel

Worst Power Abuser
Winner: @sivispacem
2nd: GunWrath 3rd: Otter
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Thanks to everyone who joined in the nominating and voting stages of this years Awards :)

All credit goes to Prometheus for getting it off the ground, and to the following staff who helped out with organising, counting and GFX:



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I'm a Winner, what is my prize?


How many votes did I get?

Polls will be unhidden and moved back to the Annual Awards subforum shortly, so you can see how many votes you did, or didn't, get in any of the categories.

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Congrats to all the winners! Some of them were very close as you'll see when the polls are revealed, but there are some deserving members throughout.


Thanks to those who voted for me :)

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Congratulations to all the winners.


Congratulations to me for not being among there, let alone be nominated. You can't trust anyone these days.

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Due to Rewas' unfortunate passing I'll just pop in to collect the award on his behalf shall I?

You wish.. It's mine, o mine!

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Congrats to theadmiral for sweeping this year's awards!


First i'd like to thank god, then my family, then all of the friends who have been with me all throughout this amazing journey. I'd say more but i'm about to tear up.

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Why the hate for theadmiral? I find this person remarkably interesting and entertaining. Perhaps these results have something to do with the obligatory cock gobbling posts that needed to be appended when theadmiral joined The Precinct?


It's a tradition that newer members didn't understand - which resulted in these award winnings I think.

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Congrats to sivispacem for being the worst power abuser and receiving 3rd place as the greatest asset to McDonald's, 2 titles that were mostly rightfully given.

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Captain Arthur







Joking! :lol:


Congratz to all the winners!

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Captain Arthur

Actually, going back at the list of members who won, I'd say congratulations to most of the members.


I mostly tip my hat to Drunken Cowboy. I didn't think he'd win, but he did. Congratulations man!

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Shah Sam


Greatest Asset to McDonald's

Winner: + @universetwisters

2nd: theadmiral 3rd: sivispacem








I swear to Dan and Sam, I will win that prize again next year.



I'm going to have to thank myself for voting on myself for that prize.

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Greatest Asset to McDonald's

Winner: + @universetwisters

2nd: theadmiral 3rd: sivispacem








I swear to Dan and Sam, I will win that prize again next year.



I'm going to have to thank myself for voting on myself for that prize.


Good luck working at McDonalds for the rest of your life, buddy. :orly:

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