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RedBull FM

How was your day?

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Mr. Scratch

Fokin 'ell, Craig, maybe next time you can just use toilet paper like normal people instead of a sock. 

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Evil empire
Posted (edited)

I had a good day.


Even if I'm not passionated by football I watched the world cup final and I'm glad my country won. 66.gif😎😋


I know it's not a big event in itself but seeing a team winning because they worked well together when I see how selfish my compatriots become more and more and seeing a multiethnical team winning in times where the fascists are more and more powerful in so many countries is a nice message to the world. Whether we are Black, White, Arabian or something else doesn't prevent us from having a common culture and succeeding together, no brainwashed extreme-right-wing fool can deny it and I hope many persons will understand it. 46.gif

Edited by Evil empire

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Today was odd. I don't know if i liked it or not.
So it's been constantly 30+ ℃ for 3 days straight. I've heard that heat can pull some levers and change the way a man can think, but it went a bit far. It's not a secret that im depressed for some years, but since spring i was feeling better. And today i got striked with thoughts of all bad factors that are currently affecting my live. I was in tram when that happened and got almost bursted in tears. Luckly it was empty (5 AM ftw). Like seriously, i've never experienced that before. I was left with these thoughts for the rest of a day. Could that be caused with heat or with the fact that i stopped using antidepressants for a solid month or even something else.

The better part of my day was that my trashholder backpack with usefull junk inside finally got a use! My shirt's button flied off, so i had to replace it with something else, i didn't want to shine with my belly around. So i took a cable tie from my backpack and placed it as it was a button. Cutted the tail with a knife (again from a backpack) and it was enough to keep the shirt as it supposed to be. A true post-apocalypse experience.
Was kinda fun to go to the bank with a cable tie for a shirt button.

Edited by Sanches

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^ Had somebody remarked upon it? And I hope you later got the shirt off without ghastly incident?


About that fit of sadness … the heat, the early hour (those ghastly night shifts still?) and even the tram being empty in the first place - I find it always touching seeing places that are supposed to be filled with people abandoned. Reminds me of specific people who should be around, yet are not. Maybe a portion of what in Germany is called "Weltschmerz" (lit. "world pain"), a form of general world-weariness and gloom, without any particular focus, in your 'case' ganged up with the usual load you carry around.


I guess, letting those tears roll is not a suitable recommendation, I know men tend to have a hard time doing this in public. Maybe, this is earnest, you should go some silent place, an old place at the river from childhood, your favorite park, whatever makes you feel comfortable, where you can keep your secrets, and really let it out. Or shout curses at the sky. But keeping things hemmed up is not healthy, some day something will just rip, tear away, and fly off, like that button. 



Edited by Lucy_Woooolfe

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My main mode of transportation is a public transit trolley.  I do own a car and motorcycle, but the trolley is my main mode.  At the very least I'm on it twice a day for the work commute.


Anyway...this time of year they don't run in "the tunnel" so I catch the trolley out front of my house like normal and then we detour through the neighborhood(s) and get dropped off to take the el (subway) train into town.


The whole thing is called the "trolley blitz" to try and take away from the pain in the ass of it all.  It's 10 days of pure hell.


The way home sucks worse because you take "the el" to a spot where you hop onto your trolley.  IT'S SUMMER!  HOT!  GROSS and SWEATY!  You have to stand out in the heat in a crowd of everyone waiting for their trolley.  So gross, so sweaty hot.   

Edited by trip

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My day was going great until I had to clean some disgusting red stuff with bits of food in it caked on the bottom of a toilet at work. Turned the water a milky orangey pinkish with a hint of brown colour when I scrubbed it and flushed it multiple times, like a Body Fluid milkshake. Almost put me off my microwave Spaghetti Bolognese I'll be having tonight.

Edited by JON22

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Everybody is complaining about the hot, sweletering conditions and I'm like, c'mon stop complaining that much about it the more attention you put to the hot the more it seems to be, it's all psychologic. Just don't think and all will be fine, yeah I know it might take a little effort to control your mind but try it.

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Seeing My Bloody Valentine at a beautiful theatre tonight!

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It went well. Apparently, today was the last session with my mentor. I’m a bit disappointed about that. I was really interested to learn more and finish up the project. It didn’t feel like it was enough. I felt stuck at some points.


 Like most of my interaction with others afterwards, my social anxiety kicks in. Throughout the 4 sessions, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was a bit slow for him, didn’t talk too much, or was just uninterested to communicate despite the 4 sessions being great. Now the rest is up to me, and the learning still continues.


Also, I’m getting back into reading and drawing once more. I didn’t get to eat much at the house for lunch, but Double Stuf Oreos with some milk made up for it. 😁



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Another day without a job, this push me into sadness.

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Breaking Bad

Pretty good. I had a lie-in, eat some breakfast, and now I'm chilling out with Early 2000's R&B mix on Youtube and trying to catch up on what I've missed on this Forum. I love Saturdays.

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