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Dubsta Appreciation Thread


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I used the search box and was surprised to find that there wasn't an appreciation thread for the Dubsta seeing as there's a thread for nearly every vehicle in the game. Just thought id share some shots of my murdered out Dubsta 2 :)


Ascended old mans crack



Nice beach shot



Looking foward to seeing everyone elses! :lol:

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what inspired you to have purple rims...?

I saw the light and therefore it inspired me...jk

I chose purple because it's one of my fav colors, the Dubsta itself is also purple but I used a 3rd party app to make the pic have a grayscal-ish/black n' white filter

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I've had 3 Dubstas, sold 2 of them last month though to fund other things.


The 2 i've sold




The remaining one which i use pretty much all the time, even to park on bums.



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  • 3 months later...

My Camel Trophy Dubsta. Still got to adjust some letters in the Camel logo though but it's nice so far. I wish they were bigger.



Edited by TheApparentlyGullibleGamer
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Prefer mine simple for the most part. I'm still a little iffy on the rims and will probably change them out.

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It just looks so badass

Can anyone tell me how far I need to play in order to find the Dubsta 2 in single player mode?

Trevor has off-road race activities. The first one is a quadbike/Sanzech race near army base. After that you unlock more of them. There is an off-road race at wind farm. One of the racers should be sitting in a matte black Dubsta MkII. Shoot the driver and take the Dubsta.

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Glad to see most of you are keeping it a solid color, the 2 tone looks terrible on this car IMO. Waiting for someone to get me a dubsta 2 then I'll post some pics, it'll be the final piece to my German garage

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