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k2 Car Shows [Xbox One] 09/05

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  • k2x


  • Freddy1Krueger


  • FailingGeorgew


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Popular Posts

The Car Meet is on Saturday the 9th of May starting at 6PM (GMT+1 London)  No theme for the first meet and most cars will be allowed. Location to be announced. No dress code re

I'm not good at this but let's do it.   I originally started this thread thinking I'd host a couple of lobbies and it wouldn't get far but wow, I've lost count of how many lobbies me and Thom have h

Well fellas, the last meet wasn't the best but it still showed what we're about.   I may start hosting these meets again on pc. Y'all veterans know you may use this thread to host an Xbox One meet.

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The Car Meet is on Saturday the 9th of May starting at 6PM (GMT+1 London) 

No theme for the first meet and most cars will be allowed.

Location to be announced.

No dress code required.

Message me on Xbox Here.




Meet Events will include multiple meet ups. So several opportunities to show your cars off. 

- Included will be a best, and worst looking car of the meet awards. All in good fun, don't be offended. 


Multiple Cruises. Usually a chilled journey between locations. We're not strict about it, you can cruise with us or meet us there. Just try to not crash or cause havoc with Mario Kart A.I's.


A Drag racing event at Sandy Shores Airport. Can you beat the double clutching Gauntlet drivers?


Any other mini-events and activities that will happen on the day, and in the moments.



Event Rules:


Vehicles not permitted include any armoured or weaponised vehicles. 


Rice at your own risk. If that's your style, then feel free. But I wouldn't count on a beauty contest win.


If you're inviting your friends to the meet, could you let me know how many, and what their tags are please.



Time: 6 PM GMT+1 (London)

LA: 10 AM

NY: 1 PM

Berlin: 7 PM

Sydney(?): 3 AM Sunday


Message me on Xbox for an invite. Its first come first serve, so be ready on the start time. 


Gamertag is k2 x Thom (due to xbox's new system, I may show up as k2Thom#7151. People have been saying they've had problems finding my profile. So it looks like this, and I have made a direct link to my profile to help. Message your gamertag here if you still have issues.

How can I get invited to the next show?
Easy, just message me on Xbox live and leave your tag below and make sure that you're online at the start time of the meet.
How long does a show last?
Shows last around 4 hours ending at midnight usually.
What happens in a session?
For the first couple of hours, everyone has the chance to show off their cars and a "best looking" car as well as a "worst looking" car will be chosen.
After that we will get a cruise underway, followed by some drag racing,
that's followed by 2-3 rounds of Destruction Derby.
After that is the legendary off-road course lead by our very own k2 x Thom.
You'll have to stick around after the off-road to find out how we end the night.





Don't forget to message me on Xbox Live *k2 x Blazer* without the * so that I can invite you.


Reserve List


Want to receive updates on future meets and be involved in crew activities?

Join k2 by clicking Me


- No ramming

- No deathmatching

- No carkilling

- No HyperCars (Adder/Cheetah/Entity/Turismo/Zentorno)

- You must have a mic

- You must be in game chat

- You need an off-road vehicle



Blunt and Lean
An Eskinob
Hk Benny Mellis
VzG x TaKeDoWn
Aye Up Rabbit
HesDead Call911
RoCkYY 4 Lifee
KinchyStryder X
The Giddy Gimp
Edited by k2x
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Next meet will be tomorrow, if you want to secure your spot in the show give me a message on xbox or reply here with your gamertag and I'll add you to the list.

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Was a good meet up and a good laugh! Sorry I didnt talk too much I didnt really know what to say as I normally play alone lol

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Had a lot of fun! Meet was well organized and everyone played along fairly. Hope to get into one in the coming days.



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I have to say that it was a very good meet. Only had one problem player that was booted in 2 minutes by the entire room.


Remember that a good show isn't just the host, but the attendees and this was on point for all. Not to mention it ended with a Valentine's Day photo shoot.

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