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Survey on video games and violence

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Misbegotten cad

Good idea! I personally think that violence does breed violence.

-But in my case, I get violent only if the game has crappy controls or impossible end of level bosses. then I can even crack the game DVD in two and then jump on the pieces!!!


PS just filled the form. Very good questions. Very perceptive, and gave me a lot of new data about myself.


Personally I wonder if somebody would feel tired when playing. I mean I play for fun and relaxation, and if I get tired of game, I stop playing it for good.


As for the violence, I think it mostly affects kids. We grown ups do not change by gaming, but kids certainly do!

Edited by Misbegotten cad

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Thank you both. Its my point, I'm trying to prove that there isn't a link between aggression and video games. That it is simply frustration at that moment, due to things not going your way for example. Id appreciate it if you could pass it around, i need allot of people to do this :lol:

Edited by General_Peanuts

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Misbegotten cad

Hi again


On retrospect, your survey does have one fault, sir: It is too one sided and negative.

-this means that anyone filling the survey will come out looking like an ultraviolent nutter.


Now, was this your purpose?


I mean did you intentionally build the questions so that the end result would make us gamers look bad???


I'm only asking because you seem to be part of a christian organisation, and such organisations have a tendency to go out of their way so as to proof video games evil.


Personally, I would like christians to clean out their own houses first, before they start cleaning the wolrld of sin. I mean the churches of today are full of sin, such as paedophilia, drunkenness, thievery, false evangelistas and money worshippers. So, please do something about them first, and only then start bothering us gamers.


Just saying.

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