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[XBOX] D-Day Remake

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Hey guys, I have just finished working on my war based deatmatch, which is supposed to be a bit like D-Day.
It might not be 100% like real D-Day, might not even be close to the real D-Day but I tried my best and I think what came out at the end was pretty good considering that all my knowledge of this historic battle has come from Call Of Duty games and some history lessons.

More about the map
Team 1 will be up on a cliff in a defensive position behind a concrete wall and sandbags, they will have an access to 2 Rhino tanks, and Combat MG's, plus 2 Fighter jets behind them on a road.



Team 2 will spawn about 300 meters away on rocks, they will have boats, armor and assault rifles available to them.

There is also a checkpoint at which they can stop to pick up 2 heavy snipers.

Now you might say that there is no way they will survive - the jets would just cripple them, tanks destroy them and rest of will be taken care by enemy infantry. - Yes unless there is beach full of grenade launchers and lots of cover.


This is where Team 2 will be coming from.


Minimum amount of players: 2

Maximum amount of players: 16

Location: North Chumash

Link - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Patberts19/games/gtav/jobs/job/QzxdKUbgoUStWQQZn9uvhg?platformId=1

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Looks great but the section to share all your created content is here:


Cheers :)

That's exactly where I posted it, if you meant the ''Share your Xbox Creations'' page, all I can say it was not loading for me so I thought it wouldn't hurt anyone if I posted it here :)

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