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ped.dat edit

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Hey guys last night I have tried really hard to make a custom SA game so I can enjoy more when I am not online. So therefore, I have edited the gang turfs, coresponding to a respective online server that I have played and I have tried to make some edits through a program, to change a few things in gangs.

I know that I can switch a gang with GSF, but this time I have tried with this program (made by some Japanese guy) to switch GSF with LSV without any edit in the ped.dat file. It had some boxes to check in each ped group so for Player 1, I have selected either "Like" or "Respect" in Vagos case and checked "Dislike" in GSF case. Still, nothing big happened. I was expecting to be able to recruit Vagos gang members as they were set to "respect" or that they should stop asking me questions "You banging homie?". The only benefit that happened was that when they attacked me after I answered affirmatively to their gang affiliation question, I was punching them or anything and they started running, instead of shooting at me. Same happened with gang members in cars.

So any idea if it's possible to make recrutable gang members from other gangs, without cheats and interchanging the gangs in pedgrp.dat?

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I think you should edit the Pedgrp.dat file :

BALLAS1, BALLAS2, BALLAS3					        # Gang 1 (BALLAS - Rival Black Gang - AKA FLATS)FAM1, FAM2, FAM3							# Gang 2 (THE FAMILIES - PLAYER GANG - AKA GROVE)LSV1, LSV2, LSV3							# Gang 3 ( Los Santos Vagos - AKA Northside Mexicans)SFR1, SFR2, SFR3							# Gang 4  (San Fiero Rifa - proper models: SFR1, SFR2, SFR3)DNB1, DNB2, DNB3							# Gang 5 (Da Nang Boys  - AKA Vietnamese)VMAFF1, VMAFF2, VMAFF3, VMAFF4				                # Gang 6 (ITALIAN MAFIA)TRIADA, TRIADB, TRIBOSS						        # Gang 7 (TRIADS) VLA1, VLA2, VLA3   							# Gang 8  (Varrio Los Aztecas - AKA SOUTH SIDE MEXICAN)VLA1, VLA2, VLA3						        # Gang 9  (UNUSED)VLA1, VLA2, VLA3						        # Gang 10  (UNUSED)

Try to switch the first two lines and go ingame , if you can recruit Ballas members then it works

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Yeah I know about that, but I'm looking for any other possibility, because by changing LSV with GSF in pedgrp, it automatically means that LSV will have green on the map and GSF yellow.

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