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Russian DYOM Community - Santal


Recommended Posts

BTW, Santal, what is this Skill CLEO mod you always put? Hitman or Gangster Skill Level mod?

It's a script which ranks the player up to Hitman in all available weapons as soon as the game (DYOM in our case) is started, as far as I remember.

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I was waiting on something from you Santal, can't wait to see what you have for us this time. Love your work.

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  • 4 weeks later...

A new translation has finally arrived! This time you'll get to play a spin-off of 'Sacrificial Seeds' - 'A Year in Axe'.

The logo is right up there, before Platinum Card's latest comment.

A Year in Axe


After spending a year in the city of his dreams, Diego Pascal returns to the dark corners of Montgomery where he lived as a child...

Santal told me the characters are not of big importance in this storyline, so there's no need to describe them here. Just play the missions.


Download 'A Year in Axe'

Additional notes:

- Don't forget to put 'SD' in GTA San Andreas User Files folder, and 'CLEO' in your game's folder;

- Santal recommends to save after each mission;

- Some of the missions are the result of the nightmare being adapted into the game.

Edited by Boris The Vodka
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Santal's an artist with DYOM. I love his work and how he puts everything together. A year in Axe is pretty solid. He doesn't need a lot of dialogue to tell a story. That's what I find amazing about his stories. Can't wait to see what's next from him :D.

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Insane killer commits an armed raid on a skyscraper in search of a mysterious man who hides a disfigured face under the mask. During the storming of protagonist will meet with civilization, existing in a different space.

Edited by Santal
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  • 1 year later...
  • 2 years later...

I found one of Santal's story projects but it hasn't been translated yet. If anyone want to check out the short gameplay video I did, check it out here:

Mouth Of The River gameplay

Edited by Platinum Card
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  • 1 year later...

Greetings, DYOM community! Today I present to my first official russian-english translation.

The project is The council. Act 1: Dead Souls by Russian DYOM Designer Курлыка.


The Council ACT I: Dead Souls



Greetings again, DYOMERY and DYOMershi! Today I present to you the project The Council - an interactive cinema, consisting of three acts. And the first act called "Dead Souls" is available for download right now.

Carefully read the description, and also read the sections below for a more comfortable game.

1989 year.


The height of the Cold War between France and Germany, the cause of which was the murder of German diplomat Herold Muller in Paris. To resolve the conflict, William Mortimer, the richest English lord, invites the cream of society to another reception on his personal island. This time, Louis Degre is invited, but the purpose of his visit is not to spend time with the great minds of modern times. Degre received a letter according to which the French politician Harry Degre, father of Louis, disappeared on the island of Mortimer a few days ago. In any case, he goes to the mansion in order to solve this mystery. Getting acquainted with the guests at this reception, Louis understands that behind beautiful dresses, magnificent hairdresses and manners hide insignificant and long dead souls ...


Recommendations from the author.

- If at the beginning of the mission you have a black screen, press ESC or go to the desktop and go back to the game-screen will start.
- In order to avoid various unpleasant situations, I recommend that you remain before each choice.


List of invited guests.

Louis Degre is the son of a member of a secret society and influential French politician. I went to the reception to find my father.
Harry Degre is the father of the protagonist, Louis Degre. Suddenly disappeared from the island of Mortimer for an unknown reason.
Joan Greene - representative of the interests of Her Highness Queen Juliet III at the reception.
Father Pius XIII - Pope. Arrived at the invitation of Sir Holm to discuss a number of business issues.
He was invited to see the Lord for the first time.
Sajai VI is the King of Nigeria, a cruel and immoral dictator. Arrived on the island to discuss the most important topics.
Ion Iliescu is the head of the revolutionary sector of Romania. The reason for his arrival is still a mystery.
Jean Bartoni is the supreme judge of the French tribunal. Most likely, was sent immediately after Harry Degre.
Eleanor Kohl is the daughter of Helmut Kohl, the current Chancellor of Germany. I went to the reception instead of my father.









Edited by Platinum Card
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  • 2 weeks later...
On 1/27/2020 at 5:37 PM, Aymunz said:

Outstanding! Beautiful work, nice writing, interesting dialogue, amazing soundtrack and fresh execution. 

I felt the same way about this project. It was something very unique and creative. The designer really put a lot of thought behind the characters themselves and backstory. Thanks for sharing your review. I hope that someone can share these and any more with the designer as well.

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32 minutes ago, Platinum Card said:

I felt the same way about this project. It was something very unique and creative. The designer really put a lot of thought behind the characters themselves and backstory. Thanks for sharing your review. I hope that someone can share these and any more with the designer as well.

It definitely deserves more recognition. This is way more than just a dyom storyline.

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