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Game only RECENTLY started freezing (PS3)



I've just gotten back into this game over the past 3 or so weeks, and since then it has started freezing during both online and single player. When it does this I cannot access any menus or even use the PS button on the controller.


No other game does this only GTA V. It is not my internet, the PS3 nor is the disc scratched or damaged in any way. Sometimes I can tell when its about to freeze as the pause menu wont work and/or the graphics suddenly turn horrible, other times it will just randomly freeze, forcing me to press the power button on the PS3 console in order to get out of it.


I've tried cleaning my disc, tried removing the HDMI cable and re-inserting it thinking it might have been loose but the problem still persists. PSN just updated recently to the latest version and still have the issue so it clearly isn't that either.


I'm lost, this frustrates me quite a lot as I do enjoy playing this game. Could it be another glitch, bug or some kind of error that Rockstar don't give a rat's behind about?


Also have any other PS3 users been experiencing this issue lately? It has only started doing this about 3 weeks ago. Sometimes I get 5 minutes of game play sometimes I get half an hour, sometimes I'll get a few hours.

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Has anyone had these freezing issues with the digital copy of the game? And has anyone found a solution yet? It's getting worse for me, becoming unplayable, SP and MP.

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hey guys. I also believe that its the updates that are causing the problem!!! I pre-ordered GTA5, got it day 1 release, and played through it to completion without issue. went off and played other games, and only recently came back to play it again, now, after installing all the updates, (as of this post, the recent 1.16 patch) I have also started to get game-breaking freezes and crashes, on both online, and single player!!!! I have the disc, so cannot comment on digital download, but I have found that if I want to play single player, I have to do it with the internet connection switched off in the XMB settings to get it to load, I don't know if that will help any of you, but as far as the online portion, I'm still finding that to be largely unplayable.

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clear game cache? delete and redownload patches? scan for errors and defrag your HD?

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This is happening to me now ,

When first start playing the game never an issue , now suddenly after a week or so , freezes every time the game is loaded and somewhat after gameplay it freezes (not online version)
I try restoring the PS3 system and the problems remain , also tried File restore thing.

How can this be fixed ???

See last entry was in 2014 feb , now it's 2015 , the game is in it's latest version and my system is also . Clueless now


Any help really appreciated

Thank you



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This is so frustrating. I'm having the exact same problem. I bought the game at release, played for a few weeks and then sold it. Just recently picked up a used copy and wanted to start playing again, but not it freezes after 5-10 minutes, even in single player. I tried everything listed before. I vacuumed my system which didn't look that dirty on the inside but I can't help but wonder if maybe the updates put enough strain on the system to make it run just barely hot enough that with a tiny remaining bit of dust it gets too warm and freezes. I don't know, thats all I can come up with. I have a CECHL01 80GB PHAT. So. Frustrating.

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started doing exactly same thing to me since today...
but my ps3 crashed the day before and i had to reformat everything, now i reinstalled it and its freezing exactly how described in here..

going to delete everything again and restore date base and file system i guess...

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This game pushes the ps3 beyond it's capacity. I noticed I have more problems if there's lots of action and other people in the lobby. The outdated hardware simply can't keep up, the more explosions and people you add cause more problems to arise. The more stuff going on the hotter it runs. Also the thermal grease between the heatsink and the chip should be reapplied every 3 years or so for best results, after that it starts breaking down and doesn't cool at maximum potential anymore.


I took mine apart and cleaned and replaced (old fat model) and it helped some but didn't completely fix with full lobby, however this game will never run correctly with full lobbies and or lots of explosions, the hardware simply can't handle it. Works much better in invite only sessions with only a few people. Some of it is bad code too I'm positive cause my freezing only occurred during certain patches, after update behavior changes instantly. I also have ps4 and it doesn't freeze but it still doesn't work correctly and it's got a thousand times more processing power and memory, I think Rockstar has special needs children writing their code. For everything they fix they cause three more issues, lol

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Free some space by deleting other game data and it will run smoothly.

Hope it helps

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Hey guys so I finally was able to fix my gta 5 freezing problem after 2 weeks. All these methods are all on the youtube… sorry I am too lazy.

Three best methods that helped me were….method 2, method 6 and method 7.



Method 1: deleting tons of game data and friends you don't play with anymore. I first started to delete my game files that I didn't use anymore. Eventually, I factory reseted my ps3 itself. NOTE: back up your data in to things like usb drive. Keep your game data to minimal when putting it back on the ps3. this did not help me much but it might help for you. this is the method that rockstar suggest but it did not have any effect on my ps3.


Method 2: Used the fan mode. what this does is it puts your ps3 fan to its max speed spin for a moment. this blows all your dust within ps3 away. My friend and I did this method and it had a lot of effect. I strongly recommend this.


Method 3: Getting rid of your corrupted files. You can either do this from safe mode or just plugging your power code out while you are at the main menu of ps3.( don't worry it wont damage your ps3) I recommend this one also.


Method 4: clean your ps3. Take your ps3 apart physically and clean it. It helps a lot. It makes the ps3 run smoothly without the chance of overheating. It didn't help me but it might help you.



Method 5: ok this method is not on the internet. One of the problem i had with my ps3 was that my ps3 was overheating. So I took the top cover off and just left it open. This way there are way more air ventilation. Make sure you put the cover on top of your ps3 when you are not using it since dust can get in your system. Also you can put four pieces of rubber beneath your ps3. it helps the keep the bottom part cool ( this rubber method is on the internet). I strongly recommend this one.


Method 6: Reinstall the patch and the game itself. I strongly recommend this.


Method 7: buy a new copy of the disc. my disc was semi scratched so I bought a new one and now it runs smoothly. This ended my problem. you can try disc cleaner too but i don't think it helped on mine.


Method 8: sign out of rockstar social club and your internet. Then sign back in. This did not help me but it may help you.


Method 9: if all the above doesn't work then it is either your internet strength or your ps3. I would replace the disc reader thing or your hard drive. there are a lot of guides out there in terms of how you can replace the specific parts of your ps3. It could also just be your internet strength being super weak. At this point though i suggest you get the ps4. but you can also send your ps3 to sony and fix it. I didn't have to do this.


Ways you can avoid freezing:

use only invite session. (less stress on your hard drive.)

try not call your mechanic. ( this helped me a lot)

drive slowly ( this kind of helped me)

Also try not to open your ps3 menu while your game is loading ( this helped me a lot)


If your ps3 freezes:

press eject button rather than turning it off.

Edited by taish55

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Rockstar is doing this purposely as they want us to move on to PS4 or XBOX one.

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