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GTA V Wishlist Topic


1,621 members have voted

  1. 1. If you had to choose one, what would your ideal DLC be?

    • New Weapons
    • New Characters
    • Hood Territory Wars
    • New Ending
    • More Heists (Online & Offline)
    • Casino
    • San Fierro/Las Venturas/North Yankton
    • Jetpack

Recommended Posts


would like to be able to purchase more safehouses


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I'd like them to attempt to fix the FPS drops during the Submarine gameplay and the character switching.

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Fix the cars disappearing.


For some reason, a bike that I stole ended up in an impound, a car I stole stayed in my garage but Franklin's default car keeps disappearing from my garage as well as a Range Rover that I bought & pimped with Michael's money.

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More weapon skins for sure



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I want a cockpit view in the cars...!

And I want the pool game back, if its not in there somewhere.

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A setting to turn on or off the camera effect that happens instantaneously after killing someone. You know what I'm talking about.

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I'd be happy if they'd add these 3 things:

- Clothes shouldn't be changed!

- Less-sh*t metal clash sound - scraping other cars sounds awful

- More clothing stores with different items in, and access to all the clothing across all 3 protags.

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Actually you can rob tatoo parlor etc... Just shoot the cash register, pick the bag, ... ... ..., PROFIT!

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Crouching and the ability to switch shoulders while aiming. These were in RDR and MP3, it's a step back to not have them here.

..and sprinting/jogging/running without the use of the left stick like in RDR

Edited by Enchilada
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Option to turn off mini-map, leave blips, and leave my health, armor, and special bars on the screen.


Ability to delete clothing from your wardrobe.


Option to toggle both the X's and the screen flash when an enemy dies independently so that I can pick which one I like more 8).


Old school controls option as has been mentioned elsewhere. I'd take it ten steps further and have a fully customizable control scheme, but that would take a ton of programming, so I'll settle for the ability to change where the Gas and Brakes buttons are assigned.


Edited out a great deal to save pony's time.

Edited by Gigabomber
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I want to be able to play pool and QUB3D again.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we give Rockstar an extra 6 months to fix all this bullsh*t? That was the reason for the delay so they could make it as perfect as we all wanted it to be. I'm not even sure how productive they were during the delay period or maybe it was just one big stunt to try to counter attack next gen consoles or something.

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Small Police Car Improvement:

police car siren Improvement


hold(when sirens off) for horn,

press once for silent siren,

press again for siren with sound,

press a third time to disable siren.


**If your in like silent siren and want to turn off then, press twice

**when siren is enabled, (silent or sound) the horn will still make the avrage noise.

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Since this is wishlist. not for GTA O


i will ask as many as i want... mostly singleplayer pleasure . but please know that i dont even try the game yet

but im updated to the game feature . from interaction to very small detail of the game. not all but probably enough info.

, please pm me if the feature wished already in the game. will edit


1. Weapon part tint/skin has more color .

2. Undercar glowing neon , 75 or 150 color would please. some of them are pulsing!

3. specific vehicle tune (tire , wheel , hydraulic , colors ; front and rear)

4. more wheel size , start from 16 to ??. and tire thickness

5. skateboard ?

6. more parkour move - wall to wall leap. its impossible.

7. jump , even more jumping style. including midair stunt during bunny hop (when activating Frank,s special)

8. unlock the casino (simple poker/blackjack and wheel of fortune is enough)

9. unlock interior as main mission finished

10. basic interaction ; face bench for 2 seconds and option to sit will pop( the timer was to prevent unwanted interaction during critical moment)

11. thermal things , for bigfoot hunt , vehicle interior brightness and color can be tuned. Holding highlight/headlight/turnoffheadlight button will light up interior car. Will turn off through tally toggle of highlight to normal light.

12. vehicle tune Presets.


14. Ability to purchase Fighter Jet , at ridiculous price.

15. Customization at Hangar ; customize aircraft

16. Customization at Dock ; customize boat.

17. Fancy/Long Hair haircut shop , unique for each protagonis. Fancy mostly gay haircut.

18. interaction to takeoff glasses/shade , Frank most likely to put it on his head , mike will hang it at his collar , Trevor will throw it(unable to pick it up again).

19. Instant hang out when meet , if you meet other Character in the games u have option to do some activities with them without need to call them first.

20. ...jetpacks

21. remove car accessories (at same time increase car armor by small percentages and acceleration and also handling) and convert into 2 door! more tuner car exhaust option.


23. Mission that make protagonis to crossdressing!

24. Lester , i want him to mess up with Watch Dogs . Just u know. increase ped amount when not in a car or holding a gun.

25. Option to do some pose during Selfie.

26. Martial Art! Basic move from defending , attacking ,counter attack/disarming.

27. Fishschool like one in GTA:SA and tortoise. Light colors.

28. Certain weapon are enabled underwater using no.29 method , glasses/shade will belong to special slot. When using shade special filter applied.

29. more item from convenient store , cigar? liquor ? and those item will go to the special weapon slot(like Chop's ball) - when select to it , character will consume the item. Each protag have special animation to dismiss/throw the used items.

30. replace helmet removing animation with new animation that make protag put off helmet at the same time as they leaving the bike and leave it at the bike.

31. This is probably too much from rockstargames but its a wishlist ; things like Need For Speed Carbon Autosculpt. it is legendary option.

32. Engine sound option , under exhaust. From deeper bass , raw engine , extra loud. Jester and Hakumai(Futo feeling extremely lonely over there) :)

33. Faggio VARIANT!




...November 19, 2013 . u know whats up Rockstargames? Dont you?


Edited by zalanith

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Letting people install Disc 2 on the Xbox and Fix the Pop in problems.

You CAN install both discs to the hard drive, but it only fixes the pop-in problems for those who don't have a crap hard drive.

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option to hide enemy blips on radar

play pool

take photos without online connection (barely works for me)

interaction menu from gta:o for masks etc

lotto cards in stores


a hacking minigame would've been great

thats all i can think of for now



oh yeah drug deals from chinatown wars although stock market is similar i guess

Edited by ceIozzip

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Ability to rob peds :)

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Gnocchi Flip Flops


  • Improve the Police A.I.


Improve the Impound System because it is flawing right sh*t right now. Buying cars just to lose them forever no matter where you look


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Making the aiming dot a little larger/easier to see

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Instead of having to connect to Social Club to be able to take a photo, instead just have it so that the image is saved to the console/profile if it can't connect to Social Club & then upload the images to Social Club when there's a connection. It's absolutely disgusting that R*'s Social Club has been so sh*t recently because it's stopping me from doing certain missions & getting 100% (such as when

you have to take photos for Beverly

- I've had a 'mission failed' statistic added now thanks to Social Club not being able to handle our connections).


Also, as already said, stop our cars from disappearing. Many of us have wasted thousands thanks to this. I would've thought that making us wait even longer would've given R* the time to fix these problems. It's not like it was out of their budget, right?

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Making the aiming dot a little larger/easier to see

Hell yes the I cant see the dame dot it's pissing me off to no end.

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That you can save animals, i feel so bad running over a poor deer and being unable to save him.

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1. Vigilante, ambulance, and fire truck missions

2. Trains that don't suck (can't jack the freight train, can't jack the commuter train, you can kill the engineer in the commuter train and it still goes, commuter train is REALLY slow, can't skip ahead when riding in commuter train)

3. Being able to use the cranes around the map. I've been wanting this feature back since GTA3. It shocked me that you could use the bigass crane for the dock yard container mission, but you can't use the ones in the construction sites. I think it'd be awesome to be able to drop sh*t on cars in traffic, or pick cars up and swing them around.

4. You can buy the scrap metal yard but can't make money by delivering scrap cars to it, wtf.

5. Robbing Gruppe Sechs armored trucks doesn't pay enough. I'm not gonna risk spending $5000 in the hospital for dying if the damn van only gives me that much anyway.

6. The stock market is buggy as f*ck. And I can't access half the stocks because BAWSAQ is inaccessible to me.

7. You die too fast when in firefights. Either you have tons of health and armor, or it's gone in a flash.

8. Randomly falling and dying. Whether I try to jump or not, sometimes just running on an awkward surface will make me fall over and lose a bunch of health. Falling over sometimes isn't so bad, but losing a good chunk of health in the process is annoying.

9. Randomly getting the cops called on me. Yesterday I was doing a side mission for Trevor, atop Mount Chiliad. Took a taxi to the gondola, rode it up, got out. Had no weapons drawn at any point. Was wandering around up there, went up to the scenic outlook deck with the telescopes. Some ped was up there. I walked near him, heard him say he was gonna call the cops on me. I was confused because I hadn't done anything and had no guns drawn, but I started to walk away anyway. The f*cker whipped out a cellphone, and suddenly I had two stars. So I ran like f*ck down the mountain, but magically the cops were already there, somehow navigating those dirt roads. So I ran like hell but there was nowhere to hide. Was traversing part of the mountain that didn't seem steep when my character decide to fall over and roll down the mountain and die.

10. Helicopters and planes are a bitch to control, camera is all over the place, controls seem twitchy.

11. Can't jack many semi trailers, and if you hit them they don't budge at all.

12. It's a bitch to find food when you really need it. Hot dog vendors don't sell hotdogs anymore. Most restaurants cannot be entered.

13. Most of the cool jumps scattered around town, be them legit insane stunt bonuses or not, suck ass. Often they aren't very big jumps, and seldom do they have a clear path to land on. I miss having jumps that were some sort of shotrcut, making for epic police chases. Figured there'd be more out in the desert and hills to make for some decent Dukes of Hazzard style chases. And NOT ONE of the offroad race missions has any jumps or cool shortcuts.

14. Car upgrades often don't improve anything. Upgrading to a carbon fiber hood or changing suspension should at least improve handling somehow. Certain tires should improve your performance on their specific terrain and reduce performance on surfaces for which they aren't designed. For example: offroad tires should such on pavement, but keep you from sliding around so damn much in the dirt. Also, when I upgraded the front bumper on Trevor's truck to the one with 4 extra lights, the lights don't work! Even if I hit my high-beams at night, the roof lights work but the bumper lights don't. Also, I want some goddamn nitrous! :D

15. AI driver rubber-banding effect is AWFUL! I got so sick of the races where I worked my ass off, taking corners wide to keep my speed up, running competitors off the road, only to catch a sign post right before the finish line and have most of my competitors immediately fly by me! Best tactic is to stay in last place until half way through the last lap. PLUS, your goddamn car upgrades don't give you any kind of advantage in races! They just make you more likely to go too fast through a turn or spin out!

16. Rain doesn't make you slide around near enough.

17. Should be able to ride the bus as a passenger. f*ck taxis.

18. Should be able to take a bus on a route and pick up passengers.

19. Need the parkour-style player physics back. Should be able to jump across a gap and grab a ledge, or even just run around period without worrying about your character tripping and falling and dying.

20. The ability to transfer money between characters. Pisses me off that Michael has a sh*t ton of money, but I can't buy the taxi company because Franklin is a broke mofo cause he spent it all at the strip club.

21. Poor texture quality. A lot of signs I see are too pixellate to read when you get up close. Went to try the subway earlier but couldn't read the damn subway map on the wall. Lack of antialiasing is pretty obvious. I hope they release a PC version soon that can correct some of this. If not by R*, then by the modding scene as they always have. :)

22. Drunk mode sucks ass. The GTA IV drunk mode was pretty perfect. But this hardly affects how you can drive a car. Plus you never get pulled over by the cops, which was one of the fun parts of GTA IV and inspired you to use a damn taxi. Also, it doesn't seem to last very long. When I leave a bar, by the time I get to my damn car it's pretty much worn off already.

23. Not sure if this falls under the "no bitching about vehicle handling" category, but the ebrake is nearly useless. Only way to really get your car to come all the way around is to whip it back and forth to get some weight transfer going, then grab some e-brake and hit the gas. I miss being able to do some Ace Ventura like-a-glove parking jobs. :)

24. What's with all the people you meet once and you get them as contacts on your phone, but never hear from them again?

25. A few of the vehicles have extra features you can make use of, but many should and don't. Where are the cars with hydraulics? Why can you only raise the roof on a few of the convertibles? Why don't any of the cars have doored headlights? Why can't I dump the bed of a dumptruck, or work the crusher in a garbage truck?

26. If I ram into something head-on at high-speed, why do I only fly through the windshield maybe 10% of the time? And yet, why does my vehicle that has full health completely explode on impact sometimes?

27. The behind-car camera sucks. It should follow behind the car more, and not be so wishy washy. My right thumb gets a workout from trying to keep the camera steady. The way the camera works with airplanes is a good example of how it should behave.

28. I miss crouching. The whole leaning-over-to-be-stealthy pose could at least be a bit lower to the ground.

29. What's with the weapon inventory? You can carry multiples of each type of weapon? Makes it confusing when trying to whip out your grenades when you also have sticky bombs, and so forth.

30. The lack of hairstyles is sad. f*cking Trevor, the coolest mofo in the game, only gets three different hair styles and two facial hair styles?! And all Franklin's styles look hideous.

31. The aiming crosshair is really hard to see when in the middle of a fight. And aim sensitivity is either too fast or too slow. As much as I hate autoaim, pretty much have to use it cause manual aim is so hard to be accurate. But with the autoaim on, it's still awkward. Have to let go of the left trigger then grab it again to lock on to someone else, even with Traditional GTA targeting mode on. The GTA IV autoaim was at least tolerable, not too easy but not too hard, and made headshots at least remotely likely to achieve.


But last but not least, the biggest and worst bug I've ever seen in a game: CARS DISAPPEARING FROM MY f*ckING GARAGES! ARE YOU f*ckING KIDDING ME?!

Edited by Cyfun
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I'd like a patch to fix the freezing/screen lock issues many customers are experiencing.


Thanks so much.

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-safehouses in singleplayer

-enterable restaurants

-casino opened

-trucking missions (if they're not already in there. havent played much outside of the main story)


that's about it

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Few typos in the Subtitles dialog.

Eg. When you beat up Rocco Pelosi and then fly off in the helicopter there is a typo in the subtitles.

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Patch the cops they go from 0 to depopulate Los Santos at the drop of a hat.

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Hello everybody, fist time posting here, but been reading for months & been playing the series since GTA III


Ok, when you steal a police car, and everything is normal and your just sitting in there doing nothing, why cant we access the police computer to look for mini missions and/or side jobs to take down criminals like they had in GTA 4???


Please Rockstar, add this to GTA 5. I dont see why rockstar wont let you play as a cop in GTA 5, kinda weird, but anyway I hope they add this in the patch or online!


Thanks guys, great game nonetheless

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Emergency vehicle lights are hardly visible in the daytime



^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^


Those LED's look great at night but they lose their pop in th day. Make them brighter!!!

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