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GTA V Wishlist Topic


1,614 members have voted

  1. 1. If you had to choose one, what would your ideal DLC be?

    • New Weapons
    • New Characters
    • Hood Territory Wars
    • New Ending
    • More Heists (Online & Offline)
    • Casino
    • San Fierro/Las Venturas/North Yankton
    • Jetpack

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

Game features:



- Three motorcycles based on: a Rokon Trail-Breaker, a Honda Motocompo and an ATV 2x2 Taurus.



- The silver coloured boat (a compact boat with a closed canopy), from the James Bond movie "Diamonds Are Forever". In the movie, James Bond uses a crane to lift this vehicle up from the water.



- The grappling hook gun, as seen on the show "Auction Hunters" (Youtube).



- An upgrade for the Coquette Classic, that applies a chrome trim around all the windows. The convertible version will have an option, where the entire frame of the windshield is in chrome. It would look much better with these options.



- A safehouse with a fully functional gym and a large swimming pool in the basement.



- A car based on a Chevrolet Corvette C3, with customization options like: side exit exhaust pipes (at least three different types), transparent headlight covers, removable roof and so on.



- Three new monster trucks based on: a Vapid Riata, a Vapid Slamvan and a BF Injection (the monster truck versions of these vehicles. For example: the Cheval Marshall is the monster truck version of the Cheval Picador).



- A truck (the Mule or a similar truck) with buckets of paint in the back. The paint buckets can be carried out one or two at a time, and can be stacked on top of each other. It`s also possible to wheel out entire shelves of paint buckets. The paint buckets can be used for target practice. If your character is carrying one paint bucket, it`s possible to throw it in the air, like in the sports event hammer throw (for target practice like in skeet shooting). The paint in the buckets is available in various colours and the paint splashing effect is very realistic.



- The gyrocopter (with the yellow paintjob) from the James Bond movie (with every weapon attachment, seen in the movie).



- A net gun, as seen on the show "Auction Hunters" (Youtube).

Edited by Jack30

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Game features:



- An RC robot based on a Honda Asimo. This robot will have abilities like: rollerblading (retractable wheels, beneath the feet), to deliver an electric jolt (by grabbing someone with it`s hand), to deploy oil slicks (from an oil slick dispenser, in the backpack) and many other abilities.



- An upgrade for the Vigilante, that makes the thruster (in the back) generate thick smoke (a smoke screen). The smoke is very thick and won`t disappear right away (it takes a while before it disappears). After the smoke has been deployed, the Vigilante will no longer be visible (for a limited amount of time) on the in-game map or the main menu map. The only way to see the car is on the screen, but the smoke makes it very difficult to find it.



- A customization option for the Ruiner 2000, that adds two thrusters in the back. The thrusters are hidden behind panels that slide open, when the car is in parachute mode. This upgrade will make it possible to stay airborne for a longer period.



- A feature for the Vigilante, where you hold the RB button (handbrake) and then activate the thruster in the back, to blow away objects just like a leaf blower, that blows away leaves. If you`re driving the vehicle and hold the RB button while turning, and then activate the thruster, the car will resemble a rotating leaf blower.



- While driving a car (in first person mode), it should be possible to view the in-game map on a LCD screen on the car`s dashboard.



- An in-game map app for the mobile phone (for navigating with the mobile). The in-game map can be viewed vertically or horizontally (it`s possible to choose between, holding the mobile vertically or horizontally). It`s also possible to zoom in and out. The in-game map can either appear on the mobile`s screen, everytime the mobile is brought up, or it can be viewed by selecting the in-game map app icon on the mobile.



- A pulse watch based on a Garmin Forerunner 235 (or 630). The pulse watch is used for checking time and for viewing how much health (a red heart icon and a 100 health points at full health), armour (a blue armour icon and a 100 armour points at full armour) and special ability (a yellow special ability icon and a 100 special ability points (maximum) or a circular special ability meter) your character has left. A stopwatch feature is also available. If they add the option to view health, armour and special ability information on a pulse watch (or on other digital watches like: an Iwatch or a spy watch (mentioned before on the previous page)) and the in-game map on a mobile, the HUD can be turned off, if the player chooses to do so (completely optional).



- If you play the game in third person and hold the LT button to aim with a weapon that has a scope (besides the sniper rifle), the camera zooms in behind your character. If you press the R3 button (while holding the LT button), the camera zooms in even more. Pressing the R3 button should instead, toggle the same scope view as in first person (when holding the LT button) on and off. This feature could be selected in the options menu (the way it is now or pressing the R3 button, while holding the LT button, to access first person scope view).



- A vehicle based on a CASE CX130C excavator with a circular saw (as seen on Youtube). This vehicle has similar controls as the excavator (mentioned before on the previous page). But the saw portion of the excavation arm (the wrist joint), is moved by holding the RB button (towards excavator) or the LB button (away from excavator). The saw can be toggled on or off, by pressing right on the D-pad.



- An excavator with a grapple (Solesbee`s grapple attachment) as seen on Youtube. The upper part of the grapple moves up and down, while the lower part is stationary (can be seen on the video). The excavator`s controls are the same as before, except for the excavator`s attachment. Holding the RB button will move the upper part of the grapple downwards (close the grapple), while holding the LB button (after releasing the RB button) will move the upper part of the grapple upwards (open the grapple). If they want, they can create one excavator (based on a Caterpillar 365C excavator) with various attachments (a regular scoop, a circular saw, a grapple and so on).

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all of the above and move...

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