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Bit of game talk maybe?

Had the range to myself so I took the opportunity to do some swing analysis with a few HD(ish) videos at the range today. First time out in EIGHT months. Rotation is a bit stiff, but getting decent results. Hitting a very slight draw as I seem to be having a tendancy to close the clubface at contact. But at least I know what I'm doing wrong. I also tend to overdo the backswing, so I'm taking it easy today. Seem to be making a good position at the top which was what I was looking for in the video.


Taylormade Burner 3W, hit off the mat - just shy of the 200m marker (220y), slight pull-fade, result about 10 yards off-line left.



Taylormade Burner OS 9 Iron - 2 swings with same results, about 110m, on alignment target



Sorry the video is a bit dark, but its a dull day and and an old Samsung S4 phone camera.

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Tiger is dooooooooooooooooooooooooone.


They just need to stop with the story lines. His back isn't working the way it needs to be. It went down hill after all of that crap in 2009.

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El Dildo

his back is one thing.

his mind has been gone since the day his marriage fell apart when his hoes came out the woodwork.


that was his escape. that was his outlet. he doesn't do drugs. he needs to unwind.

he was a clean-cut blackasian kid who played golf at Stanford. he never got laid. then suddenly he was a billionaire Nike sponsored number 1 ranked pro athlete touring the world appearing all over TV and magazines. he drowned in pussy. the only real problem is that he shouldn't have gotten married. should've just enjoyed the pussy wagon until he cracked Phil's record then retired and settled down. would've had it made in the shade.


but he was exposed to the world and shamed.

they broke his mind. the thing that set young Tiger apart from the field was his ability to remained focused. it's utterly lost.

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Not a good day to be a sports fan. The day started with the news of MLB pitcher Jose Fernandez, and then, perhaps, the Greatest.


I put a lil Bourbon in my Arnie Palmy tonight....


The Everyman's King.



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Sad to wake up this morning and hear of the passing of Arnold Palmer.


I cant say I'm a massive golf fan as I tend to only watch the majors and Ryder Cup, but Palmer is one of the very first names your learn of in the world of golf. A true legend of this sport.

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Sad, but he had a legendary life. I think any of us should envy him.

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It only took 11 years, but Woods finally got a Major win.

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I don't even remember making this thread lol. I got a lot better since then but I've made a lot of changes to my swing to perfect it. My best score is still a 78 but my course is really difficult. If I worked at an easier course I would probably have a couple 75 or lower rounds.

Edited by TDP992

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