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[Xbox One] Official Car Meet #1


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XBOX 360 Official Car meets Sponsored by [FAST] & [uTIA]


Today/Tonight's meet:


This time Im back and Im back for good!
This past year has been an amazing year with you guys it really has! we've met some amazing people and made some amazing memories,
we will be hosting meets until the day the servers are shut down!

Lets make some more memories!

Welcome back

Our ideology is that were bringing everyone with a love for cars together and building on our community.

Our Hosts are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible so please respect that and drive/play responsibly!

Host: xCX340XCx
Co-Host: (Vacant)


So here's what we get up too:

Awards will be for :
Best stanced ride, (In game cash prize $9000 Via Bounty)
Mors desirable car,
Loudest car,
Drag racing,

Highway pulls,
STAR OF THE SHOW (In game cash prize $9000 x2 Via Bounty)
And of course our signature road trip across the continent where all our best memories are made.



- No badsports
- No blacklisted vehicles,
- No pegasus,
- No cops

(If you have a wanted level you MUST call Lester or use the "Kill yourself" option in the interaction menu) This is part of the policy when you join so please respect it!
- No Weapons of any kind UNLESS stancing a vehicle or doing lights. (please stance vehicles in a secluded area away from the meeting spot and convoy! Thank you :) )
- NO SUPERS (some exceptions if host is asked)

When driving take extra care not to crash, drive with care and respect for your ride and the others around you.
(Please don't arrive in a damaged vehicle)
Please abide by these rules to make the experience enjoyable for everyone!
Respect our policies and other players as we are aiming to provide the best online experience possible!

A MIC is essential when trying to provide an amazing community experience

However If you don't, you MUST have game chat turned on so that you can hear what's going on.
(You're more likely to be kicked or blamed due to unresponsiveness in cases of collisions or mishap)


Message me on the XBOX360 for an invite.

Gt: xCX340XCx

Or please leave your gamer tag in the replies, I will be checking replies throughout the day!


Banned Players (Fresh list, Please don't fill it up)

Lobby opens at:

UK GMT: 20:30 (PM) PACIFIC: 12:30(NOON) EASTERN: 15:30(PM)

CENTRAL: 14:30(PM)
If unsure, google time zones, enter the GMT time and find out what your timezone time is.

~MCM Nationals JDM Meet~

Rooftop Rumble Parking Lot.

Stopping at intersections, junctions, lights etc,
only overtaking when 100% safe! NO RISKS!
Drive at normal speeds unless were doing highway pulls!

Street cars,

Any JDM cars.
(a genrally realistic meet)

It takes up alot of my time to do this for you guys so please be wary of that!

We cant wait to see you there!

Check out our NEW Facebook Page:
Please drop us a like so that we can take ideas, Give information and also expand ourselves so that we can provide more regular car meets!

Please note: We do not do meets everyday and you will be informed about any that are upcoming

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